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New Hope, PA – January 20, 2014. What's it like to have recorded, lived with and "hung out" with George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr? Lon Van Eaton, produced by George on Apple and leader of Imagine a Better World Productions, LLC will share inside stories at the "Honoring the Beatles" workshop beginning February 8, 2014.

Four Sunday Afternoons

"It's magic! I love the process of making great recordings. I remember George saying..."

"Never let music get in the way of having fun." Says Lon. Enjoy four, three hour recording sessions with like-minded new friends, collaborators doing the hard work, and creative expression of  "Making a Record."             

Our state of the art recording studio features a 9 ' Baldwin Concert Grand piano, the latest recording gear designed to make records for today's high tech industry, drums, basses, mics and even a guitar given to Lon by George from the Concert for Bangladesh.

 "We'll decide together what to write, record, produce, mix and master." Lon continues.

 "I am always pleased by the level of talent that arrives. Some are way better than I was when I got my lucky break. "We're always looking for artists, songs and non profits to work with for our productions."


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