Sen. Mensch Launches Dense Breast Advisory Committee

The Breast Density Notification Act was recently signed into law. The law requires mammography facilities to notify women of their breast density.

Senator Bob Mensch, 24th Senatorial District
Senator Bob Mensch, 24th Senatorial District

Recently, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed Sen. Bob Mensch's Breast Density Notification Act into law, requiring mammography facilities to notify women of their breast density.  Dense breast tissue can mask tumors on a mammogram, often leading to a more dangerous, less-treatable breast cancer diagnosis. In some cases, additional screening options are necessary.

Sen. Bob Mensch and the PA Breast Cancer Coalition have launched a Dense Breast Advisory Committee to develop educational materials helpful to women with dense breasts. They recently held their first meeting in Harrisburg.  These resources will build upon a survey of best practices at mammography centers around the state. The committee will also gather notification strategies and sample materials from PA mammography providers.

“We focused on the implementation of the breast density notification act and how it is affecting women and health care facilities,” said Mensch.  “It is important that we stay updated on the progress of the legislation and continue to educate women on this important aspect of their health.  This Advisory Committee will work creating ‘best practices’ materials that will be helpful to women and less cumbersome to the mammography provider.  I look forward to our next meeting and our continued progress.”

“The Breast Density Notification Act, recently passed, informs thousands of women across the Commonwealth who have dense breast tissue with information they need for their own breast health,” said PBCC President and Founder Pat Halpin-Murphy. “The Dense Breast Advisory Committee will take our mission to help women to the next level.” 

37 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day in Pennsylvania. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition and members of the Dense Breast Advisory Committee are focused on finding a cure for breast cancer now… so our daughters won’t have to.

Committee Chairs: 

Pat Halpin-Murphy, President and Founder, PA Breast Cancer Coalition

Sen. Bob Mensch, 24th Senatorial District, Montgomery, Bucks and Berks Counties

Evelyn Gonzalez, Dir. Of Health Communications & Health Disparities, Fox Chase Cancer Center


Information about pending legislation, state laws, agencies and programs are also available at Senator Mensch’s website: www.senatormensch.com. The website also provides special sections of interest to senior citizens, veterans and kids and links to other governmental and civic organizations.  Constituents can also receive state related information by following Senator Mensch on Twitter @SenatorMensch or on Facebook.


The Truth June 25, 2014 at 04:48 PM
Who doesn't appreciate big, dense breasts? Can I get on this committee?


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