A stuck-inside craft project for kids

Snowed in? Decorate the trees with ice!

These snowy weeks have made it tough to keep my kids occupied.  I do not like the TV on constantly.  I would much prefer doing a craft with the kids.  Here is a fun craft the kids can get really into: ice cube decorations.

All you need is an ice cube tray or even a small bowl.  Fill up a bowl ¾ with water and have your kids add food dye to the water.  Place a one-foot-long piece of string into the bowl and set it in the freezer. 

A few hours later the kids will have decorations they can hang on a tree.  The pieces melt over time and the snow below will have a tie-dyed effect. 

My kids will construct these before they go to bed , so they have something to look forward to in the morning.  On these frozen days, you can even leave them outside to freeze overnight.

I chose to take on this project earlier last week.  My daughter Penelope had fun with this project.  Her brother Milo had a bad attitude and, therefore, no fun. 

She's two and she could handle the dye drops.  We put a shot glass in the middle of the bowl so we can stick this onto a branch.  Once it freezes, run the shot glass under hot water and it will slip loose.   You can tie a string through the hole or slip it onto a branch.

We filled an ice cube tray and dyed them green.  Penelope said, “Because that is your favorite color Dad.”  I couldn't argue with that.

We cut some twine to insert into the ice cube trays.  It takes a little effort at first, but once the strings get saturated, they will sink to the bottom and can be frozen easily.  Penelope had a great time; she's very fun.

After nap time, Penelope and I went outside and decorated the tree.  Actually, I decorated the tree and Penelope pretended to be Ming-ming from "Wonderpets." 

She still had fun though.

Give it a try when you are stuck in the house sometime.  It's a fun, easy thing to do.  Make sure your kids wear something that you do not mind getting messy.  Dyed water can be a mess to clean up. 

Your kids will probably wind up with dyed hands, but other than that it's a clean project. 

The best part is it makes your trees look cool on a winter's day.

Locations to buy food coloring:

  • , 1551 S. Valley Forge Road, Lansdale.
  • Acme Market, 1150 Welsh Road, Lansdale.
  • , 561 S. Broad St., Lansdale.
  • Trader Joe's, 1460 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales.
  • Whole Foods, 1210 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales.


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