Marino Remembered at Saturday Vigil

Bucks County Coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell has ruled Michael Marino Jr.'s death a homicide, according to PhillyBurbs.com

Update Tuesday, June 19

The Souderton Independent covered the vigil of Michael W. Marino on Saturday, June 16, held at the location of his death at Clymer Avenue and East Old State Road in Sellersville.

According to the article, no one publicly spoke at the vigil. Marino's parents Michael Sr. and Kalie are not ready to speak on the matter. It was the parents' first time at the site of their son's shooting, according to the article.

Attendees at the vigil hugged, added flowers to the memorial and shared griefs, according to the article.

The article described some of the messages and statements that friends of Marino made at the vigil. Notes left the memorial included "Miss U always," "Love leaves a memory no one can steal" and "Gone but NEVER forgotten."

A friend, Dan Wagner, of Perkasie, pointed out Marino was always happy: “He looks happy as can be. He was always that way.”

Another friend, Terrence Gadsby, of Skippack, is a veteran of Afghanistan. In the article, he said Marino sent a care package to Gadsby's unit every month.

In the article, Gadsby had a lot to say about the fatal Saturday afternoon when Marino was killed:

“Mike was a great guy. He’d do anything for anybody. He had no weapon. That’s the biggest thing. They have all kinds of different things they could have done.” 

Gadsby told the Souderton Independent that the police officer that shot Marino could have shot him in the leg. The officer who fired the shot should have been prepared and able to handle the incident, Gadsby said.

“He was supposed to be able to deal with situations like this,” Gadsby said in the article. “That’s what he was trained to do.”

Update Thursday, June 14, 12:55 a.m.

According to PhillyBurbs.com, Sellersville Police and law enforcement officials have tied a suspicious cylinder thought to be a bomb to Michael Marino.

The package was removed Sunday by Allentown Fire Department Bomb Squad less than 24 hours after Marino was killed by a Perkasie Police officer, according to the article.

Sellersville Police said there was a "rambling discourse" written on a piece of paper found with the cylinder that identified a resident. The article states sources say that resident was Marino.

In the article, Perkasie Police Chief Joseph Gura confirmed Marino is the name in connection with the package. Gura told PhillyBurbs that the police department's attorney advised him not to release any more information on the incident.

The cylinder was a homemade explosive device, according to police in the article. The device was made safe for removal through the use of a water gun and an x-ray.

Update Wednesday, June 13, 12:50 a.m.

It was reported by Fox 29 News that witnesses told investigators that Marino was handcuffed when he was shot.

According to PhillyBurbs.com, Bucks County Coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell said that Marino died from a single gunshot wound to the chest and has ruled his death a homicide.

A homicide, by legal definition, is the killing by one human being of another human being. 

The Bucks County District Attorney is still investigating whether the shooting of Marino was justified by a Perkasie Police officer.

Update, Tuesday, June 12

A reader posted on Lansdale Patch Facebook a posting from Michael Marino Jr.'s brother Michael Angel of Philadelphia: 

well i just saw my brothers body and he had handcuff marks so bad that he was bruised and cut from them.... if any of you read what the cops said happened you'll notice they said things never got to the point that he was arrested or handcuffed... So now we all know what they have been hiding and why they have said all the strange things they said... what surprises me most is that they at least admitted he had no weapon at all. Only his words and fists and a couple of kicks. No wonder they said he was kicking, he had his hands cuffed behind his back... What kind of coward shoots a kid in the chest who's handcuffed?! The police department should just have their guy take responsibility for what he did.. that's all were asking to be done... but they are going to make thin...gs even worse for themselves by not just simply telling the truth

According to The Reporter Newspaper, one of three Perkasie Police officers is not directly involved in the shooting, as he was leading a witness away from the scene at the time of the incident.

According to the article, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office is investigating whether the shooting was justified.

The article states that Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler knows people are looking for answers.

Michael Marino Jr., 26, was a graduate of Lakeside High School and started classes at Bucks County Community College, according to his obituary.

Update, Sunday, June 10, 8:37 p.m.

A reader has identified the man shot by Sellersville Police as Michael Marino.

That name has not been confirmed by police.

A Philadelphia artist and musician in the band Angry Angel, Michael Angel, commented on Facebook on a PhillyBurbs.com article on the Sellersville shooting. 

Here is an excerpt from Angel's comment:

My brother was murdered by cops yesterday just because they were to confused to know what to do... He was just a kid, an unarmed confused kid. Instead of doing all the things they are taught to do like pepper spray, or use a club, or simply subdue him they just took out a gun and shot him in the chest. All he had were words and his own fists.

According to an article on PhillyBurbs.com, Sellersville residents said the man shot and killed by police on Saturday was screaming at neighbors, threatening to kill them, punching cars with his bare hands and banging his head against street signs.

The unidentified man was wearing a sweatshirt and yellow poncho, according to the article.

Perkasie Police Chief Joseph Gura is quoted in the article as saying the man was "very combative and got physical" with police.

Gura is quoted as such in the article:

During the physical altercation, the man did not display a weapon. Our officers talked to the man, who was acting peculiar. We do not know if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but he was not complying with police. They were trying to get him to go to a hospital to get checked out.

The man got away from police and went into a building at 201 Clymer Avenue, according to the article. The man came and began fighting with police using his fists, police said in the article.

The man lunged at one of the three police officers, who fired a shot into the man's chest, killing him, according to the article.

The Bucks County District Attorney's Office is investigating the shooting, according to the article.

Sellersville resident Rich Pole was in his backyard when he heard screaming,according to the article, and is quoted as such:

I thought there was a fight. I went out through my gate and here's this guy screaming at the top of his lungs. He was screaming obscenities at me and he was gonna kill me. He was out of control. I heard him say he was off his medication.

Another resident, Tyler Brown, is quoted in the article as well:

He was wearing a sweatshirt and yellow poncho. He was screaming out of control and slammed his head into signs and was punching cars with his bare hands. He yelled at me and then he tried to hit a young boy, but did not.

Earlier Sunday morning story

The Reporter Online reported Saturday that a man in his 20s was shot and killed by Perkasie Police Saturday afternoon near a building by the railroad tracks at Clymer Avenue and East State Street.

According to the article, police responded to the Village Market convenience store around 4:15 p.m. for a report of a man "acting confused."

Village Market is located on E. Park Avenue/Main Street in Sellersville.

Police searched for the suspect and located him near the building by the intersection of Clymer Avenue and East State Street, according to the article.The man was described as a white male in his 20s.

(It is possible the intersection was incorrectly reported as East State Street instead of East Old State Road. There is no East State Street that intersects with Clymer Avenue in Sellersville).

Perkasie Police Chief Jeff Gura was quoted in article as stating police struggled between the unarmed man and three officers. The man kicked and struck one of the officers, according to the article.

An officer fired one shot, striking the man in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the article.

Gura told  that all three officers were taken to Grand View Hospital in Sellersville to be checked out.

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Michael Angel June 23, 2012 at 07:47 PM
i see all this talk... both love and also lies.... and im amazed at the things people say... theres so much id love to say but im going to wait and let you all see for yourselves... The truth is going to come out.... and it is not going to set those men free..... ever*
Bethany Gross June 26, 2012 at 07:44 PM
No new information about the Marino investigation?
Bethany Gross July 26, 2012 at 06:31 PM
I'm very curious to know why, if no report has been finalized or disclosed yet, there are people out there talking about a trial. Someone's putting the cart before the horse. The same "somebody" had better stop slandering people in a public forum before she finds HERSELF in court...
Anthony July 28, 2012 at 05:33 AM
Omg the poor kid was kicking the cops how sad aww those poor cops must of got so hurt.. First those cops need to take off their skirts then pull the tampon out of their fukin asses. Then they should line all three of them up outside of the police station and shot all three of them in the back of there heads exicution style will there family's watch. If you need to shot one unarmed man in the chest when there three police then none of you should of been police in the first place. How pitiful are those pigs.
terrence gadsby July 29, 2012 at 07:30 PM
so nothing has been done yet no updates no nothing guess these mother fuckers are just gonna try to brush it under the carpet this is sickening a bunch of pussy ass c#*s who are to bitched up to deal with a physical altercation are gonna get away with murder what a fucking joke whats this country coming too protected by a fucking piece of tin i hope these mother fuckers drive there selves nuts thinking about it drink themselfs half to death then blow there own fucking heads off. and i dont give a fuck about what im saying right now half u fucking pigs know who the fuck i am anyways i dont do shit wrong anyways so kiss my fucking ass u cant do shit to me and all you stupid fucks that wanna talk shit about my fucking friend lets meet up and talk about it over some mma training lol so dont respond with your bullshit about my grammar or try to use your dictionary to make your point lol you stupid fucks lol your all fucking cowards and i hope something happens to one of your family members or close friends and have a bunch of stupid fucks throw there negative two sense in about it so i guess that was my best way of trying to get my word out without being arrested and possibly shot and if u got a negative resonse about this message tell it to someone that gives a fuck unless you wanna meet up for that mma lesson then ill open my schedule to talk about lol
resident04 July 30, 2012 at 05:13 PM
haha... I know exactly who you're referring to.
resident04 July 30, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Wow Anthony and Terrence! You little princesses got your panties in a bunch. Hating on the cops like that? Hope they read this and don't drive to help your pathetic asses in an emergency situation.... Oh wait... you're trained in MMA so you'll be fine. haha. Have you stopped at least once (not talking about your grammar... although stopping to add periods in between sentences usually is a good idea)... to think that maybe, just maybe, your friend had some demons you were unaware of? That possibly the reason he was shot was because it was necessary? Why don't you wait until the investigation is complete... oh it is... they're having a meeting about the findings at 3:30pm today... before you blow your f'n lid. Just because you wrote the word fuck 800 times in your post does not make you "hard". No one is scared sweetheart. Anthony... what a fine fellow you are. The cops should be lined up and shot in the back of their heads execution style while their families watch? How old are you? 15? You're an f'd up little kid. Your grammar is stellar and your words are so touching. Please don't tell me that you graduated from Pennridge! If so... I may have to relocate. So while you're pulling up your skirt and removing the tampon from your rear... please don't do anything too stressful for your peanut brain such as forming a sentence and spelling words.
terrence gadsby July 31, 2012 at 12:25 AM
resident 04 lol i knew one of u dumb fucks would say something why dont you put your real name down and not some other bullshit lol your a punk ass bitch that feels safe running his mouth cause hes in a safe enviroment lets meet up so i can show you what kind of princess i am id say just meet me in an alley and id knock your fucking head off your shoulders but that would be illegal and one of your punk bitch cop buddies might shoot and kill me since thats the thing to do nowadays so thats why i mentioned the mma thing so i can legally beat the fuckin shit out of you lol and about the grammar lol i dont need it if your a cop i make more money then you do dummy ahahahahahahahaha u stupid mother fucker
terrence gadsby July 31, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Just to put it out there, i dont hate all cops. There are great police officers at lower salford township, in harleysville, or anywhere in this country. Then theres some cops who shouldnt be cops. LIke the ones who killed my friend. They couldn't handle a physical altercation with one man, with no weapon. I can't stand the ignorant cops who voice there bullshit opinions on a site where friends, and family of the victim, vent out there frustrations, pain, and hurt. What kind of bullshit is that. My friend is no longer here no more. I never got a chance to say goodbye or tell him i loved him or thank him for everything hes ever done for me. Why cant you people just let us vent and get our frustrations out. Keep your opionions and everything else to yourselves. If you cant understand people say certain things when there upset then maybe you have some problems yourselfs. RIP MIKE god bless you and your family you may be gone but youll always be in mine and many others hearts and memorys forever
StopTheSlandering July 31, 2012 at 05:28 AM
Terrence, you are in the United States armed forces? It is so disgraceful the way you are representing the great men & woman who serve this country. It is also truly disheartening to see the way you talk to, and about, the people of your own country, the United States, who's constitution you swore to protect & defend. When you are finished running your mouth please take a moment to show some respect for your brothers & sisters who are still overseas fighting to be sure you will always have the right to do so. What disturbs me most is the thought of the government actually issuing you a weapon. You have, so far, demonstrated yourself to be on your own disgruntled power trip. Thank goodness YOU are not a police officer. I can, in no way, claim to know the extreme hurt and pain that the family & friends of Michael Marino are experiencing as a result of his death and of course the news received today. They abruptly lost a loved one and in a most unnatural and tragic way. I would never intend to try a minimalize their pain. But, Mr Gadsby, You should take your own advise about letting people use this open forum to safely air their grievances. Whether they use their real name or not, whether they knew Michael or not, whether they are just concerned citizens who want to share their thoughts on the matter, etc... We are members of this community too and we do not need to keep our opinions to ourselves. This affects ALL of us no matter what.
StopTheSlandering July 31, 2012 at 05:29 AM
Some of the comments I have seen on here are just beyond disgusting. Whether you decide to make this about taking sides or who is right and who is wrong, that is your choice. But please, use some tact and show some respect for those who are mourning. I just can't imagine how the family feels when a so called "friend" of Mike's makes a comment like~ "they should line all three of them up outside of the police station and shot [sic] all three of them in the back of there [sic] heads exicution [sic] style will [sic] there [sic] family's [sic] watch". Absolutely distasteful & cringeworthy! As another commenter mentioned, I too hope that the person who posted that statement is not a product of the Pennridge School District. If so, perhaps I should request a refund on my local taxes next year as I certainly did not get my money's worth with you. Ugh!!!!!! Just remember that we all live in this imperfect world together. Somehow we must make it work...together. :) Peace
terrence gadsby July 31, 2012 at 10:37 PM
stop the slandering your right about the way i went about venting my frustrations but for people to come on this sight and make the comments there making knowing that family members of mike are on here is wrong. and i do apologize to my brothers in the armed forces if they feel i represented them in the wrong way but what those cops did was not serving an protecting it was killing my friend who was handcuffed and unable to cause deadly harm and all my brothers in the armed forces that i talked to also agree that this was wrong but if anyone in the armed forces was offended i apologize and like i said i dont hate all cops just the one that killed my friend.
Anthony August 01, 2012 at 04:32 AM
The reason I said that was because the cop pretty much exicuted the kid the way he killed him. Like I said if three cops can't take on one unarmed kid then they have no right to be pigs. Fuck the police I have neverd called the pigs a day in my life an I never will. I am also a pennridge grad. You said the kid had problems and that is why he had to be killed. You the sick fuck. So I guess we would take all people with disabilities line them up and kill them according to you. I hope you have kids and a cops shots them a point blank range then I would live to read your comments.
Anthony August 01, 2012 at 04:38 AM
Like I said I'm a pennridge grad so start relocating pussy. And fuck my grammar skills.
Anthony August 01, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Anthony August 01, 2012 at 05:35 AM
resident04 August 02, 2012 at 01:51 PM
To Terrence: I'm not stupid enough to put down my full name on a public forum... why? Because of crazy wannabe thugs like you. Just for your info dude... I'm a female. I don't have any cop buddies. I'm not a cop. You must be good looking... because the level of stupidity you show on here doesn't justify you being able to get a job with any kind of salary. Just as you say that you come on a public forum to express your feelings about your friend. Other people come on a public forum to express their feelings about their community and their friends as well. Just because your opinion is the complete opposite of someone else's doesn't mean that yours is right and there's isn't. You are the one throwing your "mma fighter" shit out there... threatening people. Threatening authority. Stand up citizen, huh? If you can't let people that don't agree with you voice their opinions and their anger and frustrations... then maybe you have the problem too. Obv you loved your friend and he was a great person to you.... but I also read an account of a woman who witnessed Michael that day and was scared for her life! Then some idiot girl who thinks she is God tells her that "she doesn't care how she felt that day". You WEREN'T there that day to witness this guys actions. You weren't the cop that had to deal with the situation.
resident04 August 02, 2012 at 02:10 PM
He didn't line him up and shoot him in the back of the head while his family watched. Two completely different scenarios Anthony. He was combatitive with police and they felt they were on the losing end of this battle. You weren't there to view anything that happened...therefore... you have no room to judge. If you read (I guess I should word that better... if you can read)... there were only two cops with Michael (the other one was walking a witness away). Michael kicked the one cop down the embankment, and he kicked the other cop in the jaw and in the balls. OOHHH... wait for it! Only two of the cops had tasers that day. Did your peanut brain stop to think that the cop that shot him was the one without the taser? That he felt that Michael could have gotten out of his handcuffs (he doesn't recall hearing the click) and then Michael gains control of the gun... shoots the cops and any other innocent people around. Guess you never thought of it that way, huh? I'm glad that you've never called the "pigs" a day in your life. I also hope that if you ever do need the "pigs"... that they're too busy to help your pathetic ass. How you graduated is beyond me. I never said, "the kid had problems and that is why he had to be killed"... What I said was, "possibly the reason he was shot was because it was necessary". Never did I mention that he had disabilities. I said he had
resident04 August 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM
(continued for special Anthony)...demons... he was on DRUGS! Drugs are demons... drugs mess people up. Drugs make people do horrible things. For you to write... "according to me all people with disabilities should be lined up and killed".... in your own clever words... "you the sick fuck". I do have kids... and that's nice that you wish the cops would shoot them point blank range. I protect my children. I hope that when they grow up that I have raised them good enough that they will never turn to drugs or be disrespectful to anyone. I also would be getting them the help that they needed if they had problems until it killed me. After the age of 18... you're an adult. You don't have to listen to your parents or live under their rules. All a parent can do is pray... and help the best that they can. So in the meantime... Please grow the f up!
resident04 August 02, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Nah... I won't relocate. I'm sure you will though. That's if you're able to get a job with your awesome "edumucation", and finally move out of mommy and daddy's house.
resident04 August 02, 2012 at 02:17 PM
StopTheSlandering... While I had to take some jabs at the two inspiring commentators on here. I do respect your maturity and your viewpoint. I've read your comments before and you are definately a voice of reason and calmness.
Timothy McNulty August 02, 2012 at 10:32 PM
The police are completely incompetent or worse! The suspected bomb was actually just a PowerCap (auto stereo power capacitor) that anyone can buy at Walmart or anywhere auto stereo supplies are sold, digital readout included! Take a look at the image the police took of the this suspected bomb in the stream here: http://hss-prod.hss.aol.com/hss/storage/patch/4dbe9a3be3d5656692cefd5c5f77b287 You will notice a plastic bracket and digital readout identical to the PowerCap image located here: http://www.motorspeed.com/sitepix/products/farad_cap.jpg This is so bogus! The police obviously used excessive force when they killed this handcuffed and mentally challenged suspect and are covering up their tracks with bogus allegations of a suspected bomb that was nothing more than an unmodified auto stereo power capacitor. I only wish someone would make an effort to undo the damage the police have done to Michael Marino's reputation. These allegations from the police are irresponsible and idiotic, that Michael was somehow involved in bomb making, had anti-government information in his possession or was part of some terrorist plot? Both the public and Michael's family deserve to know the truth about what the police have done and their false allegations against Micheal. Either the police have knowingly smeared an innocent man in an effort to cover up their criminal behavior or they are completely incompetent.
Anthony August 03, 2012 at 02:08 AM
You make me sick how you can defend a cop who killed a kid who's hand were cuffed behind his back. I don't understand you really make me sick. The cop could of maxed him or fought back the kids hands were cuffed what the fuck. The cop was also twice his size what a fucking pussy. He should not be allowed to be a cop. It makes me sick that he got off. You say you have kids I can't see how you can defend that pig. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1VRZq3J0uz4
Anthony August 03, 2012 at 02:12 AM
resident04 August 03, 2012 at 07:43 PM
He's not a KID! Why do people keep saying this? He was a 26 year old MAN. An adult!!! Responsible for his own actions. If his family didn't (or couldn't) have him placed in a hosptial... then he was responsible for himself. I am defending the officer in doing what he felt necessary for his own life, and for the lives of other innocent people on that street. Do I feel that they could have handled the situation differently? Possibly.... but I wasn't there to make that call. Until you are in the situation... you have no right to judge. I know there are corrupt cops out there. Just as there are corrupt teachers, lawyers, judges, waitresses... you name it. The world isn't perfect. There are also wonderful cops out there that do their best and are putting their life on the line for yours. For you to call all cops pigs makes me sick. If you think you can do a better job than them... then why aren't you a cop?? Please... tell me Anthony! Because you couldn't do it! You couldn't handle it. I do not teach my children to be afraid of cops. I teach my children to respect authority. It is my job to protect my children.
Anthony August 10, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Wow a female cop got into a fight with a grown black man got her taser and got shot with it and still arrested the guy. Like I said the cop who killed Marino is a coward and a fucking pussy
Resident04 August 30, 2012 at 02:12 AM
Free mumia?! Lmao. You are a dumb cop hater. So a female cop tased a black male... Do these details make you a racist or a sexist... Or both? Completely different story jackass. Comparing apples to oranges much? If you're such a hero... Why aren't you a cop? Where were you with your superman powers that day to subdue Marino? Oh... My bad... The potties at taco bell were getting a little messy?
Silence Dogood November 03, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Cops getting called pigs really disgusts the pretentious, wannabe intellectuals. But saying a young man who was unjustly slain was "such a good boy LMAO" Or contemptuously referring to him as "young bull", as if it's all some fucking joke ...that sits fine with them.
Silence Dogood November 03, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Resident04 - different pseudonym, but the sentiment is still the same; and the funny thing is, you try SO HARD every time to portray yourself as this righteous, superior being...but you reek of conservative bigotry, & probably didn't graduate college yourself, old sport. The very approach you take in devaluing the opinions of others makes you appear much more childish than anyone else here. These people are grieving a loss, or are understandably angered - as I am - by the fact that an unarmed man was shot to death at gun point, in the imminent custody of 3 officers that we pay to protect us. These people are just being themselves - what exactly was your purpose here? To make yourself feel a bit better about your shitty, pathetic existence, by ridiculing them - fantasizing that their life could actually be worse than yours? I hope you get served with a nice swirly in that T.Bell bathroom Listen, this is the problem with the state of our country: you can no longer question the acts of government, or even law enforcement, without being lambasted by this barrage of brainwashed 'elitists'. A great hoard of Bill O'Reillys, coming to speak over you, condescend you...& once they've adequately belittled you, equate your opinion to trash. Because that's what they think of you. Educate yourselves, read. RIP
Mommy November 19, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Silence Dogood... I do not try to portray myself as a righteous, superior being... I am voicing my opinion and my views on this entire incident. I am allowed to be angered at the lack to respect to the people that I know who were directly involved. I, too, am being myself. I am sorry if you are offended that I stick up for what I believe is right. I am sorry if you are offended that I cannot stand when people type like their in 2nd grade. I am sorry that you are offended that I have no respect for people who have no respect for law enforcement. If it makes you feel better... I did graduate college... thank you very much. Old sport!? haha... not so much. I'm sure that I am a lot younger than what you think. As for my shitty, pathetic existence... thanks for the concern. I am very satisfied with my life. My husband has the same viewpoint as yours on the ability to question law enforcement. He and I disagree a lot on this. I feel that with the government, law enforcement... that you get respect where respect is given. Of course there are the people that abuse their power. The ones who are out of line. There are people like that in every profession. I would never, ever want to be a police officer. The mentality of most "young people" is that "the cops work for us"... therefore they think that they can treat them like crap... then cry unjust or abuse by cop. I've read and educated myself on both sides. Know your rights, know the law and be respectful.


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