Petition Online to Remove Hansen as Lansdale Council President

Lansdale Business Association President Doug DiPasquale has started a petition on MoveOn.org to remove Jack Hansen as the leader of Lansdale Borough Council and replace him with Jason Van Dame.

A petition to remove Jack Hansen as the council president of Lansdale Borough has shown up online at MoveOn.org—and it was created by Lansdale Business Association President Doug DiPasquale.
The petition can be signed at this link.
"Seeing and hearing the public outcry of those citizens who are not in favor of Mr. Hansen as borough council president confirmed my individual thoughts on his nomination," said DiPasquale. "Furthermore, the number of business owners and residents that I have spoken with after Mr. Hansen's election inspired me even more to stand up to this pay-to-play politics."
Hansen, a Democrat, was appointed president of Lansdale council at the Jan. 6 reorganization meeting by a 5-4 vote. Those voting in favor included new council members Liz Troy and Leon Angelichio, Hansen and new council Vice President Steve Malagari, all Democrats. Voting against Hansen were Democrats Denton Burnell and Mary Fuller, Republican Tom Work and Independent Jason Van Dame.
Van Dame was also nominated at the meeting for president, but lost in a 5-4 vote.
Those signing the petition support Van Dame as leader of council and not Hansen.
A petition as this would have little to no pull in the municipal level: Council presidents and vice presidents are elected by majority vote of council members, not the public.
Councilmembers would have to vote to remove Hansen from the post via a majority vote and vote again to re-elect a president after offering a nomination via a motion.
DiPasquale said the recent Lansdale election showed that the local community has lost control, and compared it to the "nonsense politics" of Washington.
"The people of Lansdale thought they were voting for the right candidate, if they look at the facts now, it's much different. How can Jack's 'puppets,' on the night they were sworn into office, make motions to remove certain firms without giving fellow council members and residents adequate time to know who they are and their qualification?" he said.
"For that matter, how are they educated enough to take any official action when they rarely attend council meetings in the first place? It's just plain wrong and someone has to stand up and put a stop to it," DiPasquale said. "I am more than happy to do that with the support many others."
DiPasquale made his feelings known about Hansen at the meeting, during a public comment period after Hansen attempted to nominate new borough officials, most whom had donated to his campaign and his Friends of Lansdale PAC.
"You got what you wanted—for now," he said, referring to Hansen's presidency win. "Stop. You make yourself look like a fool."
According to the petition, DiPasquale wrote that Hansen is doing everything he said he was opposed to in the past four years.
"He wants to bring pay-to-play politics in to control Lansdale and that has to STOP," claims the petition. "Sign this petition to tell our Council to remove him as President, or even from Council all together!"
DiPasquale wrote that too many people have worked hard to make Lansdale a destination.
"We need to keep that going and Jack Hansen is not the person to do that because he has shown that politics are more important than community! We need to get him out of politics here in Lansdale," wrote DiPasquale.
As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, the petition, which went live Tuesday, had garnered three signatures, including DiPasquale himself.
Hansen has denied pay-for-play politics, but admitted some of his nominations Monday night were for those who did contribute to Democratic campaigns in Lansdale.
"The motions I brought up of these people are people I have met, people that do a good job all the way around," Hansen said Monday night. "I want people here I know personally can reach out and help me at other levels of government also to get funding and clearances to get things done in the borough ... The people I wanted to bring in can help me reach out to other levels to get things done."
Hansen was emailed for comment, but had not replied as of Wednesday night.
DiPasquale hoped the petition will show the council members who align themselves with Hansen that the people of Lansdale are not going to stand by idly and let it happen.
"There are too many of us that put our time and effort into bringing Lansdale where it is today to see it be destroyed because of promises made to those who made financial contributions," said DiPasquale, who ran unsuccessfully for Lansdale mayor on the Democratic ticket. "This is not for my personal gain, this is because I love Lansdale and I cannot sit back and watch the town I live and own a business in regress."
bob January 08, 2014 at 09:01 PM
Wow, Doug is so worried about Jack Hansen, he sure must of loved the former Council Pres. who raised every fee and tax in this Borough during his reign of terror. Then again he did grovel for Jack to pay for his campaign when he ran for Mayor. I am so confused, I guess Jack said no!! Bottom line I guess the voters didn't share your vision for Lansdale. Good Luck on your petition if anyone really cares.
Kathleen Hoynes January 09, 2014 at 07:46 AM
Absolutely ridiculous! He won fairly. Why can't you all work together for the betterment of Lansdale?! Doug should be ashamed of himself and his cronies too.
Carol Levy January 09, 2014 at 09:18 AM
"We need to get him out of politics here in Lansdale," wrote DiPasquale. " Another republican (I am assuming. Interesting that everyone else in article was given a party affiliation but Di Pasquale.) who says the heck with the will of the voters. I want what I want and I will try to go around the democratic process. Shameful.
Eddy January 09, 2014 at 10:21 AM
Here is an idea, how about less barber shops and thrift stores and here is one....pave the GD roads so its not like driving in the wild west. I am ashamed to live close to this place.
The Truth January 09, 2014 at 11:02 AM
@ Carol "...who says the heck with the will of the voters. I want what I want and I will try to go around the democratic process." Oh you mean like how the left has been getting their way and going over the heads of duly elected lawmakers and shooting down laws & regulations they don't like through the court system for the last half-century? That too is shameful...
R Hammond January 09, 2014 at 11:24 AM
Just to keep one fact straight, Doug actually ran for Mayor as a Democrat. As for Pay-for-Play allegations, 4 years ago, the new "Citizens for a Better Lansdale" new council members, changed solicitors at the reorganization in the same manner and from what I understand, this has been a right of passage (for good or bad). Maybe the rest of us need to stay out of politics and let the 9 "elected" officials respect each other and try to work together for a better Lansdale.
Carol Levy January 09, 2014 at 12:21 PM
R the problem is too many have stayed out of politics so only a few vote and the rest are then surprised by what happens or who get voted in. We need to get into politics. George Bush said he had a "mandate". 52% of the populace voted which meant that he had maybe 25% of the country who voted for him.
Carol Levy January 09, 2014 at 12:21 PM
The truth, good sound it but give proof of that statement.
Carol Levy January 09, 2014 at 01:03 PM
(good sound bite)
The Truth January 09, 2014 at 01:09 PM
Roe v Wade for one. The overall handling of the GM bailout to benefit the UAW pensioners and UAW in general. The case (and their are others) out in California where the citizens voted against same-sex marriage then activists filed a lawsuit and got that overturned. And of course (to throw in a local example) when PA tried to enact the Voter ID law the left got their panties in a bunch about that, went to court and got the law suspended for the 2012 election. (Obama won PA in 2012 too, surprise surprise...)
socialist January 09, 2014 at 04:45 PM
It amuses me that this poor bastard was voted for on Monday and there was a petition the next day to unseat him. What I find amusing is that DiPasquale compared this to the "nonsense politics" in Washington. It seems to me that he is the one imitating the "nonsense" in Washington. Just like Cruz, he didn't get his way and seems to be acting like a 12 year old girl whining about it. What's fair is fair. He was elected (which seemed to be fairly) but because this guy doesn't approve of it, he's going to whine because he didn't get his way. Give the guy a chance and grow up. Believe me, people often don't like whomever the president is at any given time, but you're stuck with it for four years so deal with it. Like with Cruz's whole temper tantrum, the only thing that came out of that was bad things for the country (a shutdown) so it seems like DiPasquale's being a "take my ball and go home" guy may only do more harm than good. Grow up buddy.
Watcher1 January 10, 2014 at 01:43 AM
Interesting all the comments. Four years ago on re-organization night and 3 days later in Jan 2010, the "Citizens for a Better Lansdale" changed many things. The manager, the solicitor. That group was 5 members of council, one of which is still on council. For her to seem surprised & annoyed that things were to change was good acting. For 2010 & 2011 the borough was run by 6-3 majority(the 6th person had 2 years left as a council person, his term ended 2012. Then the actual 5 CFABL & 2 newly elected people controlled council for 2012 & 2013. Jack & Rich D for the last 2 years for odd men out. Now that the majority has changed why would ANYONE be surprised that things are going to change, ie.; Manager, Solicitor, Committee appointments and patronage jobs)etc. They always do. For one, I feel for the employees of the borough. They have to yet again get used to the change every 2 years. Oh by the way, Jack's presidency is for 2 years. Anytime new members voted in every 2 years a re-organization takes place, unless the majority doesn't change. In the beginning of 2012, Mr. West was unanimously voted in again as council president.** Anyone may not like what is going on, however I would encourage all to come out to these meetings and actually follow the process. You would be surprised what goes on & maybe all of us would be better informed. Much in the paper is posted days later but to watch it happen and actually be there is better. Then you get no second hand info. For the record, Doug is a D. which doesn't matter for him to voice his thoughts, opinions etc. We actually do still have this right regardless of party affiliation. Again I encourage all to become involved with your town politics. Attend these meetings, stay informed & be heard at these meetings & then exercise your voice in May & Nov and VOTE. We can make or break what happens here.
Terry Hafler January 10, 2014 at 09:24 AM
I've lived in Lansdale for 51 years and would like to say that the past 4 years has shown me the most changes and improvements which were long overdue! To all involved I say thanks! As far as going forward only time will tell! Good luck to us!
Carol Levy January 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM
"Truth" Roe v Wade is the law of the land, That is SCOTIUS who has repeatedly upheld up during repub and dem administration and congresses. Has nothing to do with the left but constitutionality. Pa voter law is not left but court again. There is separation of the branches for checks and balances. The congress, or one political party does not make law, or run roughshod and then judicial just says Yeah okay we'll go along with that.
dmcmpm January 10, 2014 at 04:04 PM
What a complete and utter joke. Political kindergarden at it's best. Jason Van Dame and DiPasquale would have had more success if they didn't try to play the character defamation card. Pay for Play politics. REALLY? Jack Hansen is a well respected, experienced politician who has always had Lansdale's best interest at heart. At all levels. His contacts are vast, well connected and would only be a benefit for Lansdale Borough Council to have access to. This is not about Pay for Play, this is about getting something done...finally. There has always been change over, reappointments etc with newly elected officials. Always...and its A RAPID PROCESS AS WELL. This Council did the same thing when they took over four years ago. Or maybe this far from mature behaviour is about the two year olds who were afraid they wouldn't get their way so resorted to bullying. A sad night for Lansdale. Well done to Jack for at least having a vision. As for this absurd petition attempt.....good luck with that, who has made a fool of themself now? Cheers.
Bonnie St.Onge January 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM
If you want a bigger laugh than you can get on SNL, then read the names listed on the petition...Ted Bundy??? Really???
dmcmpm January 11, 2014 at 10:54 AM
SUPPOSE THEY HAVE TO GET SOMEONE ON IT.....any old factious name will do. It is a laugh, but frankly more sad than anything else. I watched the council meeting and it was pathetic. The behaviour was shocking. Even more shocking was the fact that some people deemed it to be acceptable. We are human beings before we are politicians and very few members in that room, that night, demonstrated any form of respectable behaviour. Mr. Van Dame should have answered the question of why he wanted to be President, instead he just focused why JACK SHOULD NOT. His political immaturity really showed that night. Jack took the high road and refused to play at their level and continues to remain respectful. He won't mud sling he will just try to get the job done. I do wish him luck, as having to deal with half a committee as bitter as they are will not make it an easy position.
Kathleen Hoynes January 11, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Disgraceful behavior for adults,and a horrible example to any children in their families, or who watched the proceedings. Pathetic group. Nice to see Mr Hansen didn't get involved in the embarrassing behavior-reminds me of NPSD School Board meetings in the 90's...
George January 12, 2014 at 03:34 PM
Good job Mr. Hansen! Keep up the good work. Mr. P. and Mrs. F have some growing up to do. I hope you find a way to impeach Mrs. Fuller. Her being president of Discover Lansdale seems to be a conflict of interest, especially since she votes to get money from Council/Taxpayers to support an organization that "FUNDING IS USED TO IMPACT UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN AND ELDERLY IN THE LANSDALE COMMUNITY". She seems to be deceiving the Federal and State governments by using this statement on form 990 non-profit, just so they can be exempt from taxes. Come on, that's not what they do. Where's the FBI when you need them?
tom sawyer January 13, 2014 at 01:45 PM
Give it up majority rules and if you think your going to pushHansen around your a fool. People may get tired of your crap and you will be like the rest of them home doing the dishes. Give them he'll Jack stand your ground
tom sawyer January 13, 2014 at 06:43 PM
Jack Hansen will make these wannabe thugs hit the road. The last five who came in and acted like dictators should be investigated like they did to Lee he makes the shameful five sand their drunk benefactor look like fools. Now we pay for their egos


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