Petitions Now Available to 'Save Lansdale Borough Hall'

Petitions are now available at Lansdale businesses and online at Change.org for Lansdale Borough Council to 'Save the Borough Hall.'

Much like the petition to “Save the Clock Tower” in the 1980s classic “Back to the Future,” Lansdale Borough residents have started a petition to “Save the Borough Hall.”

A post on the Facebook group “Lansdale, PA” from Friday at 1:11 a.m. by Henning’s Trains owner Bill Henning told of petitions available for signing at local businesses to stop the potential demolition of Lansdale Borough Hall.

Petitions are available for signing at:

  • Wilson’s Hardware and Locksmiths, 217 W. Main St., Lansdale
  • Henning’s Trains, 128 S. Line St., Lansdale

Henning wrote that “Lansdale Borough has proposed to demolish the current borough hall building to build a whole new facility.”

“This is one of the top landmark buildings in our town and it needs to be preserved. Renovated maybe, but preserved,” wrote Henning in his post.

According to borough meeting minutes, a final decision on what to do with Lansdale Borough Hall and the Lansdale Police Station has not been made. Council has only seen four alternative options for the municipal complex from Spiezle Architects.

The petition states:

“We want to see the current Lansdale Borough Hall building preserved. The demolition of said building is NOT an option.”

Henning wrote that council should reject proposed plans involving demolition of the building.

You can join the “Lansdale, PA” Facebook group at this link.

Futhermore, Henning created an online petition at Change.org. The petition is promoted by the online organization Friends and Residents of Lansdale Borough.

You can sign the online petition at this link.

As of Friday at 11 p.m., the online petition had 13 signers out of a needed 87. Signers also expressed their opinions on why the borough should preserve Lansdale Borough Hall:

Jenn Willison, Lansdale: “We need to preserve history – not tear it down”

Bruce Shaffer, Lansdale: “Born and raised in Lansdale. Part of my life. It is a historic building.”

Margaret (Bucci) Hepburn, Baltimore, MD: “This beautiful building is one of the few places the council hasn’t torn down to make way for greed. Without your past, you have no future.”

Joy Boileau McIntyre, Bradenton, FL: “I no longer live in Lansdale, but I wanted to support those who want to save this old building. Lansdale, as I know it, is disappearing.”

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Sherrianne Rocchino February 16, 2013 at 01:37 PM
Many thanks to all who are joining in the effort to save the Post Office.
Kerry Murphy February 16, 2013 at 09:26 PM
Please remove the "mailto:" tags from the links above- so people can actually follow the links and sign the petition.
Sherrianne Rocchino February 16, 2013 at 09:26 PM
I just wanted to clear up one mis-understanding, I did not do the online petition. I was done by Bill Henning, who did a magnificant job. Thank you, Bill.
Bill Henning February 17, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Edward G Scheuring February 18, 2013 at 10:47 PM
To the members of the “The Lansdale Borough Council and Planning Commission”: “Lansdale in Motion”. -- Let’s be careful that we are going in the right direction …… It’s not okay to destroy our historical structures! If you have not yet had the opportunity, please peruse Dick Shearer’s recent article titled “BACK IN TIME - Post office dates to 1934”. His comments echo the mindset of the residents who love Lansdale. …“The old post office was literally gutted except for the three outside walls facing Broad and Vine Streets and Railroad Avenue. They were retained, much as they looked in the 1930s. …At the time there was a sense of relief by residents that the building was retrofitted….. Very few felt that it should be torn down. Its imposing presence meant something special to several generations of Lansdale residents that townspeople didn’t want to lose. ..save it for future generations to enjoy, or will it go the route of the Hotel Tremont, the Lansdale Theatre and all those other buildings that disappeared from the downtown district? Unlike the Tremont and the theater, Borough Hall is a public building. Lansdale's residents own it and its future should be determined by them. If they have an opinion, now is the time to speak out. And it is equally important for members of council to take their constituents’ comments to heart.” Borough meeting Feb 20th.


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