Prowling Suspect Faces Felony Charge; Resisting Arrest Dropped

Ronald Solomon, 30, of South Chestnut Street in Lansdale, apologized for breaking the window of a home earlier in June

A Lansdale man and convicted thief charged with felony criminal trespassing, loitering and prowling and possessing an instrument of crime had a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest withdrawn today at district court in Lansdale.

Solomon did not face Judge Harold Borek for a preliminary hearing. All negotiations were done between public defender Fiorindo Vagnozzi and Lansdale Police Officer Joel Greco.

Solomon, through his public defender Fiorindo Vagnozzi, waived all other charges to county Court of Common Pleas in exchange for withdrawing the resisting arrest charge.

Solomon will be arraigned on the following charges in the common pleas court in August:

  • Felony of second-degree of criminal trespass-breaking into a structure
  • Misdemeanor loitering and prowling at night
  • Misdemeanor possession of an instrument of crime
  • Summary criminal mischief-damage to a property

Solomon apologized to Greco for defacing a home on the 100 block of Jenkins Avenue the afternoon of June 7. The property owner was present at the courthouse.

"I apologize for breaking the window," Solomon said. "I'll make sure it is taken care of."

Solomon said he was having a bad day when he allegedly broke the window of the home, which was posted "No Trespassing."

Solomon was chased and eventually tackled in the property of a home near Penn Street. He allegedly resisted arrest, police said.

Police found tools in Solomon's alleged possession, police said. Tools were also found by a broken window of the home where a resident saw Solomon, police said.

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