Show Us Your Turkey!

Wait! Put down those carving knives! First, grab your camera phone and upload a photo of your finished Thanksgiving turkey to Patch.

You made an exhaustive list of ingredients. You faced down the crazy supermarket crowds.

You slaved over it all day, employing all the best tips from your grandma, your cookbook, Rachael Ray, and that old, dogeared Thanksgiving issue of Cook's Illustrated you keep under the cheesecloth in the cupboard.

Finally, it's ready. Your turkey looks amazing. It's a work of art. And now you're going to hack it to pieces with a carving knife.


Don't do that yet. Grab your camera phone, take a picture of your turkey (or tofurkey, or turducken), and upload it to Patch!

If you have an iPhone, you don't even need to sit down at the computer. Just install the Patch app for the iPhone. Use it to visit this article, then select the arrow button in the upper right to upload the pride of your Thanksgiving table directly from your phone's photo gallery.

Let's see those birds!


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