Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Jumpin' Jack's Inflatable Playland in Hatfield hosted a snowflake-making session Saturday for children to donate to schoolchildren of Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT

Children took a break from jumpin' around at Jumpin' Jack's in Hatfield on Saturday to settle down and decorate some paper snowflakes for their peers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

With stickers, markers and crayons, local little ones created their own snowflakes inside the inflatable playland and party center off Schwab Road.

The inspiration for the creation of the donations came from Facebook, said fundraiser organizer and Jumpin' Jack's staff member Lindsey Finn.

"I found it on Facebook. I'm also doing it with the Goddard School in Montgomeryville," said Finn, an assistant pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher at the school. "I thought we could set it up here to get more snowflakes."

More than 20 snowflakes were made at the Jumpin' Jack's event. There are more than 100 that were made at Goddard School.

"We had a better turnout than I thought we would," she said. "It's all to help the kids from Sandy Hook, and make them feel welcome in their new school in January."

Finn is a teacher who didn't share the tragedy with her students.

"We told them they were helping to make winter decorations for kids who couldn't afford it," Finn said.

Finn encouraged others to do the same kind of donation.

Questions on the snowflake project? Finn can offer advice at lfinn2@comcast.net.


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