Tall Tales, Fables Highlight 'Legends of the North Penn Valley' Presentation Jan. 14

Lansdale Historical Society will review some fables and tall tales passed on generation to generation in the Lansdale area.

A train entering the Perkasie tunnel, the subject of one of the tales — about the headless engineer.
A train entering the Perkasie tunnel, the subject of one of the tales — about the headless engineer.
Did you hear the one about the headless train engineer in Perkasie? How about when the KKK found religion in the North Penn area? What about the "true" story of how the old music hall in Lansdale got its name?
All these tall tales and more will be the subject of Lansdale Historical Society's "Legends of the North Penn Valley" community program on Jan. 14 at the Lansdale Parks and Recreation Building at 7:30 p.m.
According to historical society President Dick Shearer, the show will feature tales of the past that have been passed down from generation to generation, some of which may be true while others may have been twisted or embellished over the years.
"All of these stories seem to have some basis in fact, but we can't find enough hard evidence to prove that all the details are correct. Nevertheless they make for fascinating storytelling and the audience can decide for itself where reality ends and fiction takes over," he said.
Some of the tales involve the railroad, which played a major part of the development of the region. It led to stories like "The Headless Engineer," "The Mysterious Train Station Fire," and "The Demise of the Crossing Guard." 
There is also "The Toll Taker's Wife" and "How the Music Hall Theater Got Its Name." 
Shearer said there are other tales unrelated to the train, like "Lansdale's $9.10 Policeman," "The Story of Dick the Dog," and "The Klan Finds Religion in Lansdale." 
There is no admission charge but donations are greatly appreciated. For more information call (215) 855-1872.


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