Photo Gallery: One Night Only!

Chine, Dysphoria, Inkling and Inane - as well as hundreds of old friends and new faces - came together Friday night for an epic reunion that proved the heart of the local music scene is and will always be beating

If you were coming of age in Lansdale in the 1990s and early 2000s, then you were coming to rage at local hardcore shows featuring Chine, Dysphoria, Inkling and Inane.

More than 250 came to rage again Friday night at  for a one-night-only epic reunion of those four bands.

Inkling - comprised of Lansdalians Chris Masciotti, Brian Schmutz, Brian Medlin, Tim Leo and Eric Haag (with surprise guest bass by Nick Masciotti) - reunited in what was deemed a "burial" for the band, who haven't played since Summer 2001 in Sellersville.

Another stalwart of the local hardcore scene was Chine - Ryan Kline, Kevin Mooney, Harold Echols, Rick Miles and Jim Lehman - last rang eardrums and awed crowds in October 1999 at the American Legion in Lansdale.

"Thank you everyone who came out it meant the world to just be at this show. It was so good to see everyone I haven't seen in years, and even better, just pick up where we left off," wrote Matt Hittinger, lead singer for Inane and current frontman for Pillars of Villainy.

The show was organized by Mooney and Lansdale Local promoter and Rough Justice drummer Derek Calhoun.

It was familiar and fantastical all at once; many anticipated it for six months, aware of its evanescence.

Now that it has come and gone - and cemented in the local music scene history books as the greatest event of all time - check out the photo gallery.

And be sure to add your own pictures and videos too! 


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