Cheers: Montella's Pub Celebrates One Year in Lansdale

The sports bar celebrates Saturday with an outdoor party until 10 p.m.

You may know Sal and Vic Moscariello for their hometown-favorite pizza place, in Hatfield.

For the past year, Lansdale residents and commuters have known them for something else - Montella's Pub at Broad Street and Jenkins Avenue.

On Saturday, Montella's Pub owners, employees and its clientele celebrated with an anniversary party, complete with beer specials, food and outdoor entertainment until 10 p.m.

The outdoor event featured beer pong, Miller Light and Yuengling on tap, live music, prizes, Eagles tickets giveaways and free hot dogs and burgers.

"It feels good to be part of a town that's growing," said Sal Moscariello. "We are at the beginning of something that is going to grow to be a big thing here in Lansdale."

Named after the region of Italy from where their father emigrated, Montella's Pub has become a solid hotspot in its 365-day history.

It is one of many bars that have come and gone from the location. The Moscariellos put their heart, soul and wallets into making something special.

Sal said there were three main things to attribute to the sports bar's success.

"We spent a lot of money. We did a total renovation," he said. "Second, the recognition from Giuseppe's always helps. Three, we are just working hard and dedicated to making it work."

According to manager Bob McGrath, Montella's employees make sure to keep the place clean and keep the service great and at a reasonable price.

"We pay close attention to detail," he said. "We are constantly cleaning and making it look nice. We have a great staff."

He said the Moscariellos learn from past mistakes to make Montella's Pub a better place for business.

"We know how to get stuff done, which is good," McGrath said, who worked for 13 years at Giuseppe's Pizza.

Sal said Lansdale Borough Council wanted somebody to open a business at the location who had a lot of experience.

"The place was down and out," he said. "They talked to us about building something because they were trying to draw people into town."

According to manager Bob McGrath, there's never a slow night at the place.

Well, with the exception of Mondays, maybe. But that recently changed with the introduction of $2.99 cheesesteaks.

"We have very good food," he said. "We also have a good location."

Recently, Montella's Pub expanded its parking across Jenkins Avenue next to Stanbridge Apartments. They also allow parking at Vespia's across the street after hours.

"The parking next door helped our business, and word of mouth helped too," McGrath said.

What sets Montella's apart from other bars in town, McGrath said, is they are a sports bar first.

"We may have the same clientele (as other bars in town), but they come to us for different reasons," he said.

Sal also attributes success to his employees.

"They have great personalities and they really make it feel like home," he said.

What else doesn't hurt business is the 16 beers on tap.

During the National League Division Series, Montella's will play the Phillies games through their soundsystem. There are also $1.75 Bud and Bud Lights during the game.

"We've got the stuff that people like," he said.

There are no changes in store for Montella's Pub or Giuseppe's Pizza, for that matter.

Why fix something that's not broken?

"We'll just keep doing what we're doing," Sal said. "Keep people happy and keep us happy."

Montella's Pub is located at 25 South Broad Street, Lansdale.


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