Hatfield Testing Lab Awarded Fracture Toughness Testing Accreditation

Laboratory Testing Inc. opened in 1984

A Hatfield independent testing and metrology laboratory has been awarded an American Association for Laboratory Accreditation for fracture toughness testing under mechanical testing.

Laboratory Testing Inc., which opened in 1984, has been audited by Boeing Company and approved it as a source for fracture toughness testing, according to Melodika.net.

In addition, GE Transportation – Aviation has added the testing to Laboratory Testing Inc.’s S400 Certification of Approval, according to the article.

According to Melodika, fracture toughness testing measures conditions under which an existing crack in material will lengthen when under specific loading conditions.

According to the article, the testing is used on a specimen with a pre-existing crack to determine resistance to further extension.

The company’s first A2LA accreditation was in 1989 for dimensional testing, according to the article.

You can find out more about the company at www.labtesting.com.

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