Making Something Out of Everything

Art Junk by Kris McMaster-Heffintrayer features graphic design, paintings, murals, photography and more, with a flair of custom creativity.

Credit: Kris Heffintrayer.
Credit: Kris Heffintrayer.
The best way to classify an artist is to break down his or her medium of choice.
There are photographers. There are graphic designers. There are furniture refinishers, collage artists, painters, mural masters and crafters. 
Then, there is Kristen McMaster-Heffintrayer.
The Lansdale resident is all that and more: Her medium of choice is creativity.
Lately, that medium has been alloyed with custom creativity, and all of it has formed into Art Junk by Kris, premiering at the Lansdale YMCA Craft Fair on Nov. 9 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
"(My art is) an eclectic mix of whatever inspires me at the time," Kris said. "I jump between all types of photography, drawing, refinishing furniture, paper collages, painting on anything I find lying around the house, murals, and general crafting of all kinds."
Bland children's canvas slip-on shoes now shout with color, a couple googly eyes and a toothy monster-like smile, or some white flowers on pink.
One piece she created can be described as a one-of-a-kind Andy Warhol-ic Bride of Frankenstein print.
Kris has also commissioned work from parents featuring beloved childhood superheroes for their children's bedroom walls. Two Batman spotlights on a cityscape's dark night now become initials of a little boy instead of bat symbols. A girl's name is blasted out and across the frame like some Lichtenstein-style comic book sound effect.
When she's not balancing new motherhood, Kris is being overwhelmed by ideas for new art.
"I wind up doing many or all of those things, in some manner, all in one day," she said. "I'll use whatever tools are available to make it happen." 
As she creates, Kris updates progress with pictures on her Facebook site. It's the same spot where she lists sales information and dates of craft fair appearances.
"Anyone who would like to have some custom work done for themselves, or as a gift for someone else, is more then welcome to consult with me via Facebook messaging," she said. 
Kris was a youth fortunate enough, she said, to be born into an excessively artistic family with eclectic artistic tastes.
"I have been a creator for as long as i can remember," she said. "Just the other day, my mother was telling me stories of how i used to 'paint' on the walls of the dining room with toothpaste and shaving cream as a small child," Kris said.
Her brother Scott's LEGO blocks even became 3-D floor plans.
The Souderton Area High School alum would go on to graduate from the North Montco Technical Career Center commercial arts program in 2004.
She then trained and educated and perfected her graphic design skills at Hussian School of Art, graduating in 2008. 
"My immediate goal with artwork: Make people happy," she said. "The long-term goal is to one day have my own retail store of unique and funky home decor, re-purposed furniture, and useful crafts." 
Kris was high on excitement for next month's Lansdale YMCA Craft Fair fundraiser for its "Strong Kids Strong Community Campaign: She wants to be unique among the many others like herself.
"There's diversity," she said of her work. "There truly is something for everyone in the family."
Something for everyone--and something from everything.
"A big factor in my artwork is using old, junky or deemed useless items and transforming them into something new and beautiful."
Check out Art Junk by Kris on Facebook.
If you are interested in having a table at the Lansdale YMCA Craft Show, contact Betty Helpa at 215-368-1601, ext. 203. 


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