SUV Clips Column at Redner's Market

Montgomery Township officials and the store manager determined the damage was cosmetic and not structural

According to The Reporter Online, a blue Ford Escape driven by a woman struck a column at Redner's Warehouse Market Tuesday afternoon in Montgomery Township.

The column's damage was deemed cosmetic and not structural by Montgomery Township officials and the store manager, according to the article. The column was the last column on the right side of the entrance, supporting an awning over the sidewalk, cart return and entrance.

According to police, the woman was waiting for her passenger, who was shopping at Redner's. The woman was parked outside the Second Avenue Value Store.

The woman became confused and started driving, looking for her passenger, police told The Reporter. The woman partially circled the Montgomery Commons shopping center, then drove the vehicle into the column.

A relative told that the woman suffers from a medical condition that could have contributed to the confusion.

Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale responded to the scene and provided assistance to the woman, removing her from the vehicle. The woman was not injured.

The article stated the Redner’s entrance and part of the front driveway were closed for roughly an hour as the vehicle was removed from the column.


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