Love Stories: Kendra Loves Cory

We asked Patch readers to share their love stories for Valentine's Day. Meet Kendra and Cory — he went from having no children to having four children when he met Kendra. They had a daughter together, plus, another on the way

An emergency led to love.

Grand View Hospital patient transporter Cory had no children before he met Kendra. Now, he is raising five with another on the way.

"Me and Cory met at Grand View Hospital, where he works as a transport in the hospital," said Kendra. "I came in to the ER for bad back pain. They wanted to keep me, so Cory took me up to my room."

The next day, Cory took Kendra downstairs for tests and he made sure he took her back to her room.

"I was sent home, and I still didn't have his number. So, I went back to the hospital to find him and give him my number," she said. "We have been together four years now."

Cory and Kendra have a beautiful daughter together, she said. A son is due in May.

"Cory has taken on a lot. Cory had no kids before we met. I had four kids from my ex-husband," Kendra said. "Cory had to go from having the single life to having four kids. He is my world and my rock. I love him very much."

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