Make Your Own Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Cheap!

Adorn your turkey dinner table with festive, but affordable, decor.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have, so a flashy, ornate centerpiece on your dinner table would seem out of place. In my humble opinion, this is a bit over-the-top.

More appropriate for the occasion would be simple decor, with natural colors and elements, something you can put together without trips to six different stores.

Raid the pantry - Place a pillar candle in a vase. Around the candle, layer beans, rice, corn or other dried grains for colorful stripes.

Halloween leftovers - If you have any pumpkins or gourds left over from Halloween (uncarved, of course. Your Jack-o-lantern probaby doesn't look or smell that great by now), they'll do nicely on your Thanksgiving dinner table. Hollow out a large pumpkin and stuff it with a few bouquets of inexpensive flowers in autumn colors, from your grocery store or local florist. Don't forget to give the flowers a little water inside the pumpkin!

Gilded with gold - Better Homes & Gardens used vases full of wheat stalks, white beans and bittersweet berries for this totally natural Thanksgiving centerpiece. Try finding something in your backyard that would work in this capacity, or take a trip to the floral section of your local craft store for the faux versions.

This is corny, but... - Forgive the pun. Pick up some Indian corn at your local farmer's market for a steal. Line the ears, still husked, if possible, around a big, fat pillar candle or around a candle in a vase. Secure with twine, jute or raffia. Be sure the candle flames won't come in contact with any part of the twine or corn, or anything else flammable, for that matter.

Nuttily attired - Place fat, white pillar candles of varying heights in glass containers of varying shapes, then fill the bottom of the containers with hazlenuts, pecans or acorns. Again, be sure the candle doesn't burn down to the point. An impromptu fire one thing you don't want to serve up on your dinner table.

How will you adorn your Thanksgiving dinner table? Will you keep it simple or are you planning an elegant spread? Share your ideas below.



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