Libya cover-up details revealed this morning by Rep. Pat Meehan

"Obama's staff are jumping ship like rats over the Libya terror cover-up."

This morning I attended an Area 4 Republican meeting which included guests, PA Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, U.S. Representatives Bob Mensch, Warren Kampf, Jim Gerlach, and Rep. Patrick Meehan who heads the Congressional Subcommittee on Counterintelligence and Intelligence of Homeland Security.  This comes straight from Rep. Meehan:

“I was getting information confirming the attack on our ambassador in Benghazi within 36 hours after it happened, that this was a well planned, organized terrorist operation involving over 100 well-trained Al Qaeda soldiers armed with sophisticated weapons.”

“Five days later I watched their spokespeople on television denying this was a terrorist attack, blaming demonstrations outside the embassy over the Muslim insult movie.  There were never any demonstrations.  Demonstrators don’t bring rocket-propelled grenade launchers.  The Obama administration is even blaming Romney-Ryan for stirring up controversy.  Full denial of accountability for this.  Incredible.  We all watched Biden outright lie Thursday night, saying he and Obama never knew this was a terrorist attack, taking zero accountability.  Imagine that.  Guys like me are immediately fed intelligence information and Obama-Biden, the guys in charge, claim zero knowledge?

"Lt. Colonel Andrew Wood and others on the ground are testifying.  A written request was sent to the Obama administration for additional security before the attack - and he was asked by Obama's department to change the memo, asked not to request help.

"When Harry Truman heard people under him blaming each other, he quieted them, taking full accountability and said “The buck stops here,” with him.  That is leadership.  That is exactly what we the people have not seen from the Obama administration, never, not once.  Obama is blaming everyone else for all failures.  For this 9/11 terrorist attack in Libya, Obama is now even starting to point the finger at Hillary Clinton.

Now what we are seeing looks something like rats jumping off a sinking ship and slowly but steadily, the full truth is coming out because of it.”

See Mehan question Obama's staff eliciting details about what really happened: 


Thursday night, Trappe Republican Committee met with our Congressman, Jim Gerlach, and our Commissioner, Bruce Castor.  Prior to his election to County leadership, Bruce was a highly effective District Attorney with an unparalleled conviction rate.  He said, “I watched State Department official Charlene Lamb on television.  I’ve acquired a certain set of skills over the years as a D.A., and I pointed at the screen and I said aloud, ‘She’s lying.’  This Obama group is lying all over the place about this.”  Bruce is exceedingly fired up about this cover-up.  Obama lied and Americans died, and the media are not all over this. 

Can we trust the Obama administration?  Go ahead.  You trust them if you want to.  

Jack Minster

Trappe Republican Committee

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mark smerkanich October 15, 2012 at 09:49 AM
If your inference is that Romney or someone from your party would have more credibility, then I would need to point out the war in Iraq (one of the longest and costliest in our history) had invented intelligence via Cheney and his band of neo-cons. We were lied to at every turn. Were Mehan, Gerlach, Castor outraged with those now proven lies? If so, I don't remember hearing their, nor your voice. Personally I don't trust elected officials from either party mostly because you tend to ignore the log in your eye while pointing out the speck in another's. And rather than trying to find a way seek common ground, you point fingers and laugh. Tiring and irksome. Meanwhile important issues are not talked about nor debated. Do I trust Obama? Not really. But I wouldn't trust your candidate either.
Glenn Boyet October 15, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Mark, then who should lead this country. The numbers don't lie. You can't blame Bush four years later just like Carter couldn't blame Ford. It's politics and choices need to be made. Hope and change we have not gotten from this President.
mark smerkanich October 15, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Two years with an obstructionist congress. So Obama was supposed to do exactly what when as McConnell said 4 years ago, my job is to make sure this president serves only one term. With that sort of attitude permeating Washington, how can anything get done? If you plan on blaming the president, then make sure you include those who have been in office as well, like Gerlach and Meehan. Funny how they are all speaking out with the election next month. And Bush had 8 years to start two unfunded wars and another unfunded seniors prescription law not to mention tax breaks for the ultra wealthy. He took office with a surplus and left our great-great grandchildren in debt to the Chinese. I'm not in love with Obama, but if Romney wins and ponies up with the McConnells and Boehners led by unelected Grover Norquist and the tea party, we are in deeper trouble. As I wrote in another blog, if Romney wins, I hope we like our car, because we will probably living in it.


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