Can We Be Thoughtful?

What are some ways we can demonstrate caring and courtesy towards others? No money needed, here are a few ideas.

Can We Be Thoughtful?


I was walking out of my local Y this morning after yoga class.  Full of amazing sensations running through my body and thinking, what a great way to start the day when, BAM! a guy stopped dead in his tracks to sip his coffee.  Took all of my energy to not knock him forwards and I pirouetted out of the way thinking why did he do that?  I was ready to make a comment or at least a heavy sigh when it dawned on me that we all do those sorts of things at times.


So, I got to thinking on the ride home, what could we do that would be considered “thoughtful”?  Here’s my list:


  1. If you need to stop while walking in a hallway, move to your right just as you would while driving a car or riding a bike.
  2. Hold the door for someone behind you, even if they are 10 feet away.  And remember to smile!
  3. When you make eye contact with a stranger, smile and acknowledge them with a greeting or a nod.
  4. Realize that the person walking or driving in front of you may be lost or confused when they are moving slowly(or following the speed limit…).
  5. Learn to practice saying please and thank you. Often.  No matter how small the effort made by others, thanking encourages good behavior and manners.
  6. If someone waves you on, acknowledge with a return wave or mouth thank you.
  7. After saying, “excuse me”, wait a bit for the person to move before you move.
  8. Offer to help someone when help looks needed but not asked for.
  9. Don’t text or look at your phone while another person is talking to you.
  10. If you hire a repair person or someone to install a new appliance/repair, offer a drink while they are working; a cup of coffee or a glass of iced water/tea is often greatly appreciated.
  11. Acknowledge  the person who is waving you through a road under construction.  They are just doing their job.  Don’t make it personal.
  12. In line at a store, when a new register opens and the cashier says, “next person please”, don’t cut in front of those ahead of you.
  13. Don’t leave clothing in a fitting room floor.  The sales people will pick it up and place it on a hangar but do you want to be the next person trying on a new piece of clothing that was on the floor?
  14.  Parents with strollers:  think before blindly moving your device in a crowd.
  15.  Say hello or at least smile at the person at the check out counter.

 Think: how would you like others to act if in your situation?  Do likewise.


It seems to me that we’re in this world together and somehow, we expect to be treated with respect, but sometimes we forget that thoughtfulness costs nothing and goes a long way.  I challenge you to practice some thoughtfulness today.


Any suggestions to add to the list?

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Marc Lombardi September 16, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Tip waiters/waitresses, even if you don't like the food. They didn't prepare it. If something came out differently than how you ordered it, it may actually be the fault of the person in the kitchen, not your server. 15-18% is the norm. Bad service can be the result of a bad day, and doesn't deserve "no tip." Rude service, on the other hand, does deserve to go without tipping. As the son of a waitress I over-tip, but I also appreciate how hard a job it is for servers. For parents - when your small child is yelling in a restaurant/store or running around, it is YOUR job to quiet them or corral them. Not everyone thinks your kid's singing/yelling is cute. You may have developed the ability to tune out your child, but others may find that kid to be intolerable. I have no problem being the bad guy a calling a parent out for doing a lousy job, but others may be too nice to do so. Keep that in mind. We definitely live amongst a generation of "me first" kids and parents who no longer know how to reign them in. Much of what has already been said in this post & the comments can point to those two things as the source.
Andi Rolley September 16, 2012 at 11:17 AM
That drives me CRAZY! I watched a lady leave her cart once when she was in the first parking spot closest to the grocery store. It took her more effort to push the cart up onto the curb/grass then it would have if she just walked it across to the store. Lazy! I proceeded to take the cart to the correct spot.
Brittany Tressler September 16, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Hi Kathy - I am with you! If you have any specific article suggestions, please let me know.
mark smerkanich September 17, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Sitting at a red light today, I saw a person toss out a burning cigarette butt. If you choose to smoke, then at least have the decency to leave your ashes and butts in a container that can emptied responsibly. What right do people have throwing trash out of their cars? Not very thoughtful.
Curmudgeon September 17, 2012 at 07:20 PM
WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA, BLAH BLAH BLAH That's horrible, with our Ambassador and Embassy personel getting killed, get a life!!!


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