Abused by Foster Care Agency!!

I wrote to worker-I wanted to say thank you. Thank you that my 5 year old doesn't want to go to school. Thank you that the school called today saying that he is crying all the time and they did nt want to tell us because they know what is going on is wrong. Thank you that my 5 year old  thinks that someone can come and take him away and never see us again. I know you said you are for kids. But I am so angry at this point because you know what is happening and you are letting it happen. And now you have abused a 5 year old boy soul and that is forever. So I hope that everyone is happy because they have there jobs still but now not only is the little girl being abused by the people said to protect her and you are also to protect her. And responsible for what happens to her is on your hands too. I spoke up and would do it again. But now You and everyone is letting this happen, now you are abusing my 5 year old boy is scared to leave my side and crying at school and doesn't want to go back. (agency caseworker) I never thought you would let this happen but after what the teacher said I am so angry because you are part of what is happening to the children. Now I have to get them help
Response from agency- I need to bring an issue to your attention that has an impact on the time frame and outcome of a resolution. Our Case Manager, continues to get calls and text messages from you/Kathy. As of now you are not active as foster parents for us and do not have any children placed through us. Therefore, there should be no reason to continue to contact Monica or other program staff. The content of the text messages shared with me are assessed an inappropriate and hostile in nature. As a result, I have directed our staff not to respond to any communication.

I need to ask that there is no further contact with the program staff. If there is any need for communication, please direct that to me.

Full Circle December 04, 2013 at 07:01 PM
Please know that the children in our care where our nieces and they come to us before we went to this agency. But they just see the kids s money and foster kids.


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