Happy Birthday Mommy!

Our Montco Mommy struggles with that annual curse – her birthday – and ponders her wish list for the perfect gift.

It is that scary time of year. It is a time of year I tend to try to ignore. But for some reason, they keep on coming every 365 days or so. This week is my birthday. Gross.

I think somewhere after 21, the thrill is gone. I think that’s about when you stop looking forward and start dreading another digit adding to that immense total. Up until then, you are anxious to see another calendar year flip. You can’t wait until you are a whole hand. You are so excited to hit double digits. Then there are teen years, and you seem so much “cooler” with a “teen” in your age.

Soon, you are counting the days until you can have a license. You are so excited to officially become an adult (and yes, for some of us dorks, even excited to vote for the first election year). Then, of course, there is that long stretch to wait until you can legally drink.

After that, as they say, it is all downhill. I can’t think of another hallmark I’m looking forward to. Instead, you start to dread that sound. The big “Os” start to hit and sound sadder and sadder. As some would say, it is better than the alternative, right?

Still, as the week approaches, I start to cringe. I think the only ones that remember are my family, anyhow. My poor husband can barely remember when HIS is, let alone remember mine.

Despite my children’s best efforts, at 4 and 6, I’m likely scheduled for a nice homemade card, best-case scenario. What would I want if they asked? I’m that cheesy kind of mom anyhow who would really just rather have everyone be happy and healthy. That’s all I need. Spending the day with them would be nice, too.

I also think moms would choose something more practical. No, I don’t need another pair of slippers. I’m not a big fan of flowers. And, no, you don’t know my clothing size, so please don’t try to guess. (If I was a betting woman, I’d be willing to wager my husband will buy one or all three of those listed items. I think he should RSS-feed my column.)

Instead, moms could use some awesome ideas like one of my friends who recently was gifted the greatest idea I’ve ever heard of for a busy mommy. My girlfriend’s mom bought her gift cards to an area caterer. The shop sells prepared dinners, and the cards would get her 20 free dinners, all set for her, courtesy of this caterer. That is an AWESOME idea for a busy mom. What mommy couldn’t use a few nights off from kitchen duty?

Another wise use of your gift money? Why not get mom a cleaning service? Again, give her a week or two off by getting her pampered with a temporary maid? That’d be luxurious.

When mom’s birthday rolls around, think outside of the chocolate box. Lord knows, she’s already dreading the day enough.


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