I am so angry. Because the Workers say one thing and do another!!

What happens when you're a family member and have children in your care for 2 years. The worker tells you that the abuse is going on. Your told to go into therapy because you didn't believe in the abuse. The county worker threatens you with separating the kids if I refuse to believe in the abuse. Once I started believing in it the worker tells me their home is hell. She tells me that she wants a TPR. Then that day of court she comes out of court and says the girls are going home at 5pm. That the judge is stupid and thinks that all parent should have their kids back even ones that are being investigation. I was told to speak out. Then when I did speak out not one case worker spoke up. They told me not to say their names. And the NHS supervisor of Colmar Jane said its fed up. Then when confronted about this they lie behind my back but never to my face. They refuse to have me speak in court because even there lawyer said I was truthful and they knew if I spoke that I was not lying. While I was in the hospital ill they threatened my husband if he didn't drop the case in fighting for the children they would send me to jail. Are lawyer said we should drop it she has seen Bucks do this before. She said to us that she worked for the county and quiet because of the abuse she saw. They said if we dropped the case we could still help kids. But NHS did not keep to the promise. not even a day passed when they fired me. Now no one talks to me. All the children are sent back home even though 5 county workers said that the oldest child was sexualy abused (3 at the time 5 when taken back home). The county worker said that she knows he will abuse them again and hopefully they will not be too damaged. How is it that they -themselves said he will abuse them but they don't speak up? The 2 workers told me that 2 supervisors sat them down in there office and asked if they spoke to me and did they say anything and if they did they would be fired. They begged me not to say there names and would still tell to me ass they have over 8 years of me working with all the counties.  But thats not true they said if they we subpoenaed they will have to say the truth. Well they lied. They didn't speak up on what they told me. Both told me they are no longer allowed to talk to me, email or text me. I did report this to DPW before all hell broke loose because I knew . But I was sent an email by accident where you can see they all are friends. And yes I still have that email. NHS let me go. "R" from the TFC program told me that I spoke bad about Bucks County I wronged them and I reported them to DPW so I bashed there payer. How did they know I called DPW. I thought it was kept quiet. There is so much more about this case that is just to much to say. But now they are all acting like this never happened and are saying SAVE THE CHILDREN knowing they sent 3 little kids back to as the county worker said. And I still have her text message "A fing dhead, illegal ahole and she is a stupid b and both need to die and go to hell". If you had a worker tell you this. Would you not fight for the children. I don't blame the parents anymore. I blame the county. They threatened me to believe in the abuse, made me go to Raven Hill because I did the mistake and said I didnt think it was the stepfather that it had to be someone else because she was this way since age 1 before her mother met him. , then threatened me after I listened to them and fought for the kids with jail time and not to speak about the case. How is this legal. How is it that the workers told me about the abuse. But I am the one that suffered with no support. No one ever came to our home for our children to mourn that last of there 3 sisters taken away in just hours after 2 years. The children were removed before the other children even came from school. After 2 years. How is that ok. They had 2 supervised visits 1 hour each for 2 years. Never alone. But when we wanted to say goodbye to the oldest child. We had only one hour and 3 workers sitting in a small room in front of the doorway as we where the abuser. NHS is a great company I was a TFC child when I was younger but when you have a supervisor whose partner works for Buck County Children and Youth and she tells you herself that she will call her insider how am I going to get support. If she tried to support us and fight Bucks County she has to admit that allot of her emergency placement are funneled down to her. I just cant blame everything on Jane. When she first started at this office she wanted the world. But after years at this office it seems she cares more about money then kids.  About numbers then proper care.  I truly believe if someone worked at the Cormar office without fear this could be the best office in this area. But the person would have to not fear a county. How the county likes to say no more referrals'. This person would drop all the homes they know are not good. And drop down to maybe to a hand for of homes and build from there. I worked for C.S.F and this is how they were. They had a waiting list and could pick there children. They had all PO teens. When an agency placeses the child care  first it is always hard but after everyone sees that they chid get the proper care. Then you will have counties asking to have their children in your program because they know its the best place for them. But this is not what I was exposed to. I was exposed to caseworkers fear to speak up. Secretaries being rude for years. Begging the supervisor for help about this. But when I finally snap I am the one to blame.  Why cant we all stop the red tape and keep are future safe. Why does it have to be a hush hush when everyone knows what is happening now is wrong. I was a foster child. I was an NHS child. I went to college on my own.  I lived alone in an apartment lasts years in HIGH SCHOOL. I know what helped me.  Would you not want someone that lived this life telling you what worked and what didn't work.

    Maria July 10, 2014 at 01:11 PM


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