Letter: KenCrest and Lynch Services Director Thanks Staff

Jim McFalls thanks the staff of two area nonprofits for their efforts during Hurricane Sandy

In light of the recent super storm, Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the hundreds of staff working for both KenCrest and Lynch Services, two large nonprofits supporting people with special needs and autism in the Delaware Valley, Delaware State, and Connecticut.

In bad weather, we often hear tales of heroism. Some of the most intriguing stories of heroism are only told amongst each other, and not to the general public. Working in human services organizations, the supports we provide are around-the-clock, through bad weather, 24/7, empowering the lives of people with disabilities.

Together, about 50 KenCrest and Lynch community living homes and facilities supporting people with special needs lost power. Our staff worked together to make sure people were moved into a safe place, whether it be another home nearby or a hotel. Staff traveled in the horrendous conditions, to ensure the safety of the people we support. Some staff left their own families and homes to make sure our KenCrest and Lynch family was safe. Working in a human service organization, your job becomes your second family.

Other staff supporting individuals who lost power sat with them in emergency lighting, playing board games and making their homes feel safe and comfortable until the storm passed.

Some staff traveled into their offices, even after they were closed, to make sure they could do the necessary paperwork so that their employees would get paid on time, to keep authorities informed, and to update family members of our individuals on their safety.

Thank you to our KenCrest and Lynch family for continuing to make our individuals feel safe, comfortable, and at home during the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Your efforts and dedication to the people we support is inspirational.

Jim McFalls
Executive Director of KenCrest Services and Lynch Services

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