Letter to the Editor: Sylianteng Commends Courts for Halting Voter ID Law

Will Sylianteng, candidate for State House, 151st District, commends the Supreme Court and the Commonwealth Court for putting voter ID law on hold.

I commend both the Supreme Court and the Commonwealth Court for putting a halt to the Voter ID law, at least for this year.  It is clear that the Courts recognized that the Voter ID law was rushed through the legislature by my opponent and his colleagues in order to suppress Democractic votes.  The right to vote is a precious right that we must all be diligent in protecting.  Legislators like my opponent should not attempt to manipulate the law for their own political gains.  I urge the people of the 151st to choose a new way forward and vote for leaders that will work for Pennsylvania not for their own agenda.


Will Sylianteng, Candidate for State House, 151st District

HGConservative October 03, 2012 at 12:37 PM
The most common complaint I've heard about this law is that the free ID did not go into effect early enough. Does that mean you would support the Voter ID law for future elections?
Will Sylianteng October 03, 2012 at 06:41 PM
My main concern is that people who are eligible to vote are able to vote. I have no real issue with the concept of photo ID. My main issue with this law is the way it was rushed through and how they tried to implement it for poltical gains specifically for this election (the way they sold the law also was irritating and frankly downright dishonest - in my opinion). All that said, going forward - now that it is in the books- the Commonwealth's concern should be to get a well-thought out program out there to make sure that everyone registered to vote is able to and encouraged to vote in future elections (whether we can agree on what that program should look like...well that is for another day and another blog post).
HGConservative October 03, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Why don't you put up a blog post now about what it should look like? Anyone who can get out of the house to vote can get out of the house once every five years for a photo ID. In my opinion, the only complaint about the Voter ID law that makes any sense at all is how late the free ID became available. Given the fact that people could still cast a provisional ballot and provide ID later, even that seems like a hard case to make. Regardless, you should be just as concerned that everyone who is able to vote is eligible to vote.


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