My 5 year old cries to go to school

As I sit here looking at my other children put up the tree I cant help but think about my other children. If they are safe, if they are being feed. And how I cant take my 5 year old to school because my other child is there daily, Bucks County is driving her over an hour to the school and I am not aloud to go up to her, not allowed to say hi, or give her a hug. But we see her  twice a day and are told to act as if we do not know her.  She cries for us and today my son cried that he wants his sisters back and why does she go to the school and cant come home. He said that the teachers don't let them talk. Why Bucks County are you doing this to a 5 year old baby. 
You drive over an hour daily to take her to school but in the two years I was there mother not once did you come to a school meeting or call about how they were. Or when I was up for two weeks in a row because they all had RSV did you not once ask how we were. Or how when one of the babies were in the hospital over a week did you once call. Did you forget when the girls first came to us that one of them almost died and was below her birth weight and she was a month old. Did you forget how all the girls had bed bug bites and didn't move or stay awake but 3 days, THREE DAYS!!! after being with us they were moving and were up. How the oldest child didn't smile and for years before she was with us Bucks you told us she was delayed. How 3 months after being with us she smiled and a year after being with us she gave a real hug. How looking at her pictures you can see she is different. So to all the people that are to protect children where are you now.
So we had called the worker when we  first found out that our other child was at the school, she said that since she was going back to her REAL mom that they didn't want to move her schools (even though she was moved to a Very bad part of Philly), please now this was before court. They planed this before we even had talked to anyone. This was the first week of October. Now I cant go to the school because I will break down my son is a mess and Bucks doesn't care. They are re-abusing her and now my 5 year old son is crying daily asking why is she going to the school and not coming home. The agency worker tells me that she cries daily because she knows that Bucks is doing this because they messed the case up but she does not know what to do. TELL PEOPLE!!  But no one is helping us no one is asking how are the other children doing. They refuse to tell us how the kids are. We are nothing. We had then for two years and no one from Bucks county children and youth has not even said if the girls are ok. But last week they asked us about the neb. Really.!! You don't call us for months and tell us we are nothing but then say we need to get this. The kids needed this nightly since they left our home. Why now are you asking. Why is one child below there weight from when they left our home. But we are the bad guys. We never abused our children. We gave a life earning for them and you knew this. 
Can all you workers. lawyers look in the mirror and know what is happening to these children you caused. So please don't ever speak about other people, because you are educated in this field and know what will happen to these children.  You have now become what you say you hate!!!!


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