No Bummer This Summer

Welcome to the Summer of Mom

I feel like there are two extreme mommy views on summer.

On the one hand, you have moms that are dreading the kids being off. They are worried about childcare costs and schedules. They fret them being home for long (read: boring, if a child) hours, with no set goals, homework or routines.

On the other hand, I know moms that have been planning their summers for months. They have each minute excitedly planned out for the full season. They cannot wait for that bus to come on the last day of school, and joyfully anticipate spending warm, quality time with their children.

I guess between those extremes somewhere is me. I am glad my son will be home. This was, in first grade, his first time being out of the house all day long. This September, those six to seven hours seemed like an eternity to me. Now, I’m more used to the day routine now, but I still miss him.

My husband started work this fall, and we had to put my daughter into preschool. She is gone now too all day long, and our house is so quiet. It is great for working, but sad for mom.

During the summer months, that’s the main problem: I still have to work. I wish I could be off all summer long. Unfortunately, I can barely cope with my own children all day long most of the time, forget about a room full. So, no, teaching is not in my wheelhouse. (God bless those of you that do!)

I do however think that all businesses should shut down for the summer months. Let’s face it: it is when most people take vacations anyhow. You can never get big projects done, and it is hard to reach others. You are constantly getting “Out of Office” auto-reply emails all summer long.

Why doesn’t business, the stock market, government, well, everyone, just shut down and enjoy life for a few months? OK, in the meantime, until my awesome master plan of how the world should work builds momentum, I’ll map out my real summer plans now.

Since I have to balance a full-time job, a full-time newly-working husband and two small (read: can’t watch themselves) children, it takes some decent efforts to make a full schedule. I hope to take a few nice family vacations. I hope to go to the beach and enjoy life without the full focus of employment on my mind, at least for a week or two. I love taking the kids to the beach. It reminds me why I work so hard all year long.

So, there we go, that takes care of two of, what… 10 weeks. Oh boy, still a long way to go. I have found a handful of camps they can attend. I figure the cost of my daughter’s preschool would be nearly balanced out if I send BOTH kids to camp half of the time.

My husband, I suppose you’d say thankfully, is off one day during the business week (for this, of course, he works every Saturday), which gives them one day a week with daddy.

Between camps, dad and vacations, I’m hoping I still get to squeeze in a few days of summer fun with them myself. I know it will slip by quickly and in a flash, that big yellow bus will be back in front of our house, asking for my kids.


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