Philadelphia Eagles Win Nail Biter

The Philadelphia Eagles' games against the New York Giants always end in dramatic fashion. This one was 19-17 on a missed field goal in the closing seconds.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

The Philadelphia Eagles played one of their classic games against the New York Giants, where the games are nail biters that go right down to the wire and end in dramatic fashion.

This game was no different.

Eli Manning, with 21 game-winning drives, had the ball with 1:43 left after the Iggles regained the lead following Alex Henery's fourth field goal of the game.

With some back-and-forth pass interference flags, the Giants were in field goal position for a 54-yarder. They missed. But the Eagles had called a timeout. The second kick looked good, but just fell short.

Eagles win 19-17, giving the Birds a 3-1 record with wins overall by four points.

This wasn't an easy game. This wasn't a pretty game.

But this was the best game the Birds played all year.

Michael Vick played flawlessly, like his old self.

He was only sacked once and had no turnovers. The whole team didn't.

The play calling and coaching by Andy Reid was impressive, but the Red Zone offense didn't do the trick -- four field goals do not cut it.

Shady McCoy ran well, for 123 yards. And Vick had some nice runs as well. Was nice to see the Birds didn't abandon the running game.

The defense did decently. But the secondary slumped in the Giants' final two drives, letting Manning slice through them and then getting key penalties that gave the Giants some life left.

Special teams need some help. The kicking coverage was pathetic as Giants returners got the team to midfield for what seemed like every kick.

Wins are wins.

Chalk up another come-from-behind victory for Vick, his third of the season.

Any NFC East victory is huge, especially against the Super Bowl champions.

Maybe it helped having Brian Dawkins in the building, for his retirement ceremony.

Vick made some big throws to DeSean Jackson and Brett Celek. This game was completely clean for him. He really seemed to knock the rust off for not playing in the pre-season.

The Eagles have now beaten the Giants eight of the last nine times. This was a big victory, a huge win.

Another nail biter.

mebconsult October 01, 2012 at 11:07 AM
I agree about the special teams. Awful. Why can't our kicker kick it out of the end zone. Eli did slice the defense up on thos last two drives. I get frustrated with Asomugha but he fights all game. I will take the win and look forward to the Steelers.
Mike Shortall Sr October 01, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Obviously, even with a 3-1 record and a seat at the top of the NFC East, Reid must go! Just thought I'd get ahead of the foaming-at-the-mouth, anti-Reid crowd. Hell, they beat the Giants by only 2 points!
Nick October 01, 2012 at 08:07 PM
As usual Mike, trolling away. So a 3-1 record is enough to prove Reid backers right? I thought maybe at the end of season is a good time to pass judgement on how the season went?
the REAL VOICE October 02, 2012 at 05:38 AM
Agreed, Fat Andy tried to give the game away with the Icing the kicker call ! You can't give the LUCKY giants asecond chance at anything !


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