A Quiet Thanksgiving Before a Stormy End to November

Thanksgiving's weather is expected to be dry and quiet as we continue our peaceful weather pattern around the region.

The weather over the next week is expected to continue the quiet trend established about ten days ago. While temperatures have bounced around between mild and chilled, the weather has been dry and tranquil daily. That will continue, although this week will feature a moderate trend in temperatures each afternoon.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday should be particularly nice, with Thanksgiving probably a bit sunnier and Black Friday a bit milder of the two respective days. Afternoon highs each day could flirt with or exceed 60 degrees. Enjoy!

A cold shot is lurking for the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and could linger into early next week. The chill will be nothing brutal, but highs may return to the 40s for Sunday and Monday of next week.

Nationally, Thanksgiving's weather looks to be rather quiet outside of the Pacific Northwest, so travel should be about as good as one can hope for in late November. That trend won't continue through the month's end, however. A large storm system may organize in the Midwest during the middle of next week and impact the East Coast with rain and wind. This will help usher in a cold start to December for the area.


Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of Phillyweather.net. You can also follow Phillyweather.net on twitter at @phillywx or on Facebook.


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