Realtors Heading to Washington, D.C. Rally

The Rally to Protect the American Dream has real estate agents telling Congress that home ownership matters

The National Association of Realtors has a planned event today in Washington, D.C. known as the “Rally to Protect the American Dream.”

Most people don’t know about the extra efforts many realtors put forth for their industry, livelihood, and most importantly, clients.  Realtors across the country are gathering on Capital Hill to tell members of Congress that home ownership matters to people, to communities and to America.

The goal of the rally is to make Congress aware that Realtors are focused on homeownership, housing and real estate issues amidst the election year rhetoric.  The aim is to fight obstacles that make it more difficult for people to buy, own, and invest in real estate.  The obstacles that many in the real estate industry see on a daily basis are buyers who have a tough time qualifying for a mortgage when they have strong credit history and good jobs, people who are unable to refinance into lower monthly mortgage payments, and those that lose their homes to foreclosure because the bank was too slow to react in the short sale process.

Right now, there are political movements stressing that the government should get away from insuring and purchasing mortgages, as well as take away certain tax benefits for homeowners.  They have a right to their opinion and agenda, but what would this country be without having different options and benefits to homeownership?  If there were fewer homeowners there would be a decrease in sense of community, no doubt.  That’s because homeownership fosters a stronger communities, creates social stability and contributes to making the economy stronger. 

Okay, so you might be thinking that I’m writing this from a self-serving view point since I’m a realtor and want my business to benefit from people buying and selling homes.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t care from that standpoint.  But I’m a homeowner too.  My home gives me shelter, makes me a part of my neighborhood and the opportunity to build financial security over the long term.  Isn’t that the American Dream?  I think most people still view it that way.  Of course, there will be others who say to the contrary and homeownership is not for everyone. 

In looking to the future we sometimes have to look to the past (and learn from it!).  One of the things that made this country strong is homeownership.  The message that Realtors want America’s future leaders to understand is that real estate plays a vital role in both short and long term health of our country.

Where will I be on Thursday?  I’m logging in to the Rally’s virtual platform, sharing my location of Lansdale on the rally map.  In a way, I was happy to learn that the buses filled up quickly with Realtors making the trip to Washington.  Yes, we care.

Suzanne O'Rear May 17, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Excellent article!
linda spreeman June 06, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Maybe home ownership could be a little more financially friendly to the potential buyer by lowering or eliminating some of the outrageously high closing costs which are inclusive of many fees, transfer taxes, and other charges. The practice of mortgage companies requiring a year's worth of taxes/insurance is another practice that seems ridiculous. There is no need to require that much in escrow for new home buyers. In this economy, perhaps the realtors could also be open to reducing their fees from the standard 6% as their contribution to stimulating the home buying economy. Just my two cents. ~Linda Spreeman~


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