Thank You, Mom, for Everything

Montgomeryville-Lansdale Patch editor Tony Di Domizio introduces readers to his mom on Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day and I wanted to take some time to tell a bit why I appreciate my mother, Diane Di Domizio.

She is a hometown girl, a North Penn graduate and mother of three. She is also a caregiver, a daycare teacher, a cook, a nurse, a dog trainer, a housekeeper, an accountant, a hostess, a chauffeur, a counselor and a cheerleader.

My mother is a great person, and she has always wanted the best for her children.

This Mother’s Day is special: By the next Mother’s Day she will have two of three children married. Chances are it will be GRANDmother’s Day for my mom.

With my sister and I out of college and living our lives, my mother is left with my brother in college at University of Delaware where he is a chemical engineering major.

She told me her next goal is to take care of her grandchildren. As a son, I want nothing more than to make my mother happy.

I think seeing the joy in her children’s lives has made her a happy person.

She has always been there whenever I needed her and I know I can still count on her for help.

I’m not saying I’m a mama’s boy – I’m far from it. But sometimes you need your mom there to help you through some rough times.

My mom was there when I needed help with a situation in college. She was the one to go to when I had a question about relationships or dating. Advice on my and my fiance’s puppy? Mom. What to do about a new job? Mom. Need someone to cheer me up? Mom.

Without my mom, I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today. She understood what it was like to be a teenager and I thank her for that. Growing up, she was “Mrs. D” to my friends and she treated them as if they were her own sons or daughters.

She was very proud of me when I attained Eagle Scout.  She was even more proud to see more graduate high school and then college. With a wedding on the horizon and with my new job a success, she probably can’t even find the right word to describe her joy.

I know some people whom either recently lost their mother or whom do not have a mother. I can’t imagine what that is like; the woman who gave you life is no longer in your life.

I can’t wait for what the future holds with my mom in my life. There is much more ahead, and it is going to be wonderful to see her play the role of grandmother and second mom to my fiancé.

Mom, I will always be there for you, as you have always been there for me.

Thank you for everything and I love you very much.

Should I mention she had no idea I was doing this today? Surprise mom. Don't hold it against me.


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