Child Rape, Additional Charges Held Against Lansdale Man for County Court

Lafonsa Perry, 22, is accused of having sex with an 11-year-old girl in his Penn Street home

The 12-year-old girl that Lafonsa Perry, 22, of Lansdale, is accused of raping last year testified at a preliminary hearing in the court of Thursday that the sex was consensual, according to The Reporter Online.

Regardless, the state considers the incident statutory rape by law.

Charges of child rape, statutory sexual assault, indecent assault of a child under 16 and of a child under 13, corruption of a minor, unlawful contact with a minor, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia have been held for county court against Perry, 22, according to The Reporter Online.

Perry will be arraigned at the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas on June 20.

According to the article, the victim testified Thursday that she had sex with Perry in his bedroom last year, while her friend sat in a chair in the corner.

The victim's friend was there “in case (Perry) tried something," according to the article.

The article stated that Lansdale police Detective Steven Owens testified that no sheets or clothing had been seized as evidence. Owens also said that authorities had no evidence the victim’s friend was in the room, according to the article.

The victim testified that she met Perry on Facebook last summer. She was 11 years old at the time.

“He contacted me first,” the girl testified, according to The Reporter. “He asked me how old I was. I lied at first, telling him I was 14. Then I told him the truth.”

Perry allegedly told the victim he was 18 or 19, according to the article.

The victim told the court she met Perry at a street near her home, and within two weeks, they arranged to meet up. After hanging out, they went to Perry's Penn Street home, according to the article.

The alleged victim testified that she and Perry smoked marijuana in a garage at his house, according to the article.

The three then went upstairs to have sex in Perry's bedroom.

“I gave him a condom to put on,” the witness said, as referenced in the article. “But he took it off right before we had sex.”

The incident came to light after a relative of the victim found disturbing posts on the victim's Facebook page, according to police.

The posts between the child and what the investigation revealed to be Perry, discussed topics of a sexual nature including engaging in sexual intercourse, police said.

A forensic interview by Mission Kids was conducted with the child who stated she had been provided with marijuana by Perry while in his bedroom, which she described the layout to, police said.

She told the interviewers that she and Perry engaged in sexual intercourse, police said.



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