Hilltown Murder Victim Owed $10M to Casinos, Banks

Chris Palmer of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Canazaro owed more than $10 million to various casinos, banks and the government

Chris Palmer of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Hilltown robbery and home invasion murder victim Joseph Canazaro was $10 million in debt to casinos, banks and the government.

Bankruptcy documents from 2008 showed Canazaro owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Biloxi, MS, according to the article.

A matter was settled in bankruptcy court where Canazaro cashed $210,000 in faulty checks with two check-cashing agencies, Palmer reports.

Locally, Canazaro owed taxes to Hatfield Township and New Britain Township.

Hilltown Township Police and the Bucks County District Attorney believe Canazaro’s Swartley Road home, which he rented, was targeted for robbery by two men who are still wanted by authorities, according to the article. The two suspects got into the home through a first-floor bedroom window.

In an NBC10 interview with Doug Shimell, Hilltown Township Chief Chris Engelhart said investigators are looking into Canazaro owing money to others not listed on bankruptcy records.

Detectives are also investigating if murder was the motive, Shimell said.

"Whether something happened during the process of the home invasion route, we don't know that," Engelhart said. "Did they get the information they needed, and no longer needed him? We don't know."

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