Kidnapping Charge Lodged Against Teenage Lansdale Attempted Rapist

Gerson Portillo-Guardado, 16, an El Salvador national, allegedly attempted to rape a 25-year-old Lansdale mother in Stony Creek Park Jan. 13.

The El Salvador man charged with the attempted rape of a mother in Stony Creek Park waived his right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday in Lansdale District Court.
At the hearing, prosecutors added a charge of felony kidnapping against Gerson Portillo-Guardado, 16, per 6abc. He remains at Montgomery County prison on $99,000 cash bail.Portillo-Guardado is being charged as an adult in the alleged crime.
According to The Reporter, police revealed Tuesday that Guardado is not homeless, but lives with his father on the 200 block of Wissahickon Avenue in Upper Gwynedd. Portillo-Guardado had also told police at his arrest his name was "Herson Guardado," but is real name is Gerson Portillo-Guardado.
Portillo-Guardado is also charged with felony attempted rape, felony attempted sexual assault, misdemeanor possession of an instrument of crime, misdemeanor unlawful restraint, misdemeanor simple assault, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and harassment, police said.
On Jan. 13, at 4:45 p.m., police were called to Stony Creek Park on East Hancock Street for a report of an armed individual.
Upon arrival, police spoke with a 25-year-old woman from Lansdale, who told them that, while at the park with her three children, she saw a young man, identified as Portillo-Guardado, in the park, police said.
While the alleged victim was putting her children in her car, with her backed turned, Portillo-Guardado allegedly came up from behind, placing one arm around her neck and sticking a knife in her side, police said.
At the time of the alleged attack, Portillo-Guardado was wearing a blue mask, police said.
Portillo-Guardado then began to allegedly force the woman away from her car to a wooded area, police said.
During this ordeal, police said Portillo-Guardado allegedly told her, "You want sex."
The alleged victim was able to get free from Guardado, who then ran toward the woods, police said.
While officers searched the area, a K-9 from Montgomery Township Police arrived and tracked Portillo-Guardado toward Upper Gwynedd Township, police said.
An Upper Gwynedd Township officer saw someone matching Portillo-Guardado's description on the railroad tracks near the 500 block of Church Road in Upper Gwynedd, police said.
Minutes later, another Upper Gwynedd officer saw Portillo-Guardado exit the woods nearby and detained him until a positive identification was made by the alleged victim, police said.
During a search after the arrest, police allegedly found a knife, marijuana and a pipe on Portillo-Guardado, police said.
After receiving approval from the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, Lansdale Police directly filed charges in adult court, based on Portillo-Guardado's age and alleged use of a deadly weapon during the alleged attempted rape, police said.
Portillo-Guardado was arraigned before District Judge Patricia Zaffarano, who initially set bail at $100,000 cash, police said. The reduction to $99,000 allows Portillo-Guardado more privileges at prison.
The Reporter Online reported a detainer of Portillo-Guardado by Immigration and Customs Enforcement is imminent. Should he post bail, he cannot be released from prison.
Grurur January 28, 2014 at 08:32 PM
Wow! It's so awful!! If he did it he should be tried to the extent of the law. His name could be ok since that's prob how you pronounce it to make it sound more English. Shame if he gets deported then the poor people of Salvador have to deal with his ass. Ewwwww he's disgusting
Stephen Chorba January 28, 2014 at 11:56 PM
what a piece of shit
Dale L Foster January 29, 2014 at 08:39 AM
Convict him let him do his time and when he gets out deport him back to where he came from
DELIAH ONE January 29, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Agree 100% with Dale, and yes with Stephen.


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