Lansdale Woman Wanted for Alleged Robbery, Assault of Man She Befriended at Bar

Brooke Beatrice Moats, 22, of Lansdale, allegedly assaulted a man in the backseat of Jennifer Quelly's car after the two met him at Panico's Grill in Lansdale in October.

A Lansdale woman has yet to turn herself in on charges of felony robbery, conspiracy, felony theft and additional offenses for the alleged robbery and assault of a man that she and her friend met at a Lansdale bar in October.
Brooke Beatrice Moats, 22, is charged by North Wales Borough Police with felony robbery by inflicting or threatening with immediate bodily injury, felony robbery by taking property by force, two counts of felony conspiracy to commit robbery, misdemeanor theft by unlawful taking, misdemeanor conspiracy to commit theft, misdemeanor simple assault, conspiracy to commit simple assault, false imprisonment, conspiracy of false imprisonment, and harassment, according to court records.
Moats' alleged accomplice in the Oct. 19 robbery and assault--Jennifer Lee Quelly, 26--has been already arraigned on the same charges in Whitpain District Court and released on her own recognizance, per court records.
Police said the alleged victim met Moats and Quelly at Panico's Grill and Sports Tavern in Lansdale in the early hours of Oct. 19. They then invited him to party in North Wales, and the man got into Quelly's car, sitting with Moats in the backseat, police said.
As they drove toward North Wales, there was a point when Quelly pulled over. Moats then allegedly took the $800 phone out of the hand of the alleged victim and demanded his money, police said.
The man had a large sum of money that he hid from Moats in his sock and instead gave her $85, police said. Moats then allegedly hit him in the face with the phone and another unknown object, police said.
The alleged victim tried to escape, but the car doors were locked, police said. At one point during the alleged assault, Quelly exclaimed that Moats was getting the man's blood all over her car, police said.
The rear door then suddenly came unlocked, and he escaped to a nearby Wawa, as Quelly allegedly sped away, police said. When the Wawa was discovered closed, the alleged victim headed to a friend's house, who drove him to Lansdale Hospital.
Police observed surveillance footage at Panico's and a bar employee identified Moats and Quelly in the footage, police said. Police were also told that the alleged victim tends to flaunt his money at Panico's, buying rounds for people and the like, police said.
Officers interviewed the women at Quelly's parents' home, and both told the same story and both said they did not know how the man was assaulted, police said. Quelly also consented to a search of her car, police said. Blood was found in the rear seat and on the ceiling, police said.
At one point, Moats allegedly stated that she was defending herself from a "pervert," police said, and "dropped her elbow" on him.
The alleged victim would later pick out Moats from a photo lineup as his alleged assaulter, police said.
JoAnn Stephens Eroh December 14, 2013 at 10:36 AM
For one thing get your facts right SHE was not in the back seat....How about the front and when the pervert starting rubbing her hair and asked how much for sex they pulled the car over...That's when she got in back seat and pulled the pervert out of the car fearing for life and her and her friends get your facts right get the photos from the police that they took of her. And why don't you question that... if the pervert was dropped off at 1:30 in the morning at Wawa in North Wales where was he for two hours before he showed up at police station??????????? You are accusing to innocent girls that were only doing something nice giving the pervert a ride...They didn't need his money what money he claimed had nobody carry's that much cash and if they did how did he get maybe his drug problem...gambling as stated he was known for flashing his money in bars.. Maybe he don't remember what happened because he was so high and drunk... Please question were he was for two hours nobody seems to care because it is her name he could remember because he live in the same neighborhood and she played with his nieces and nephews... That whole family was screwed up from the beginning check the police records on all the charges stemming from along time ago for the whole family.....
The Truth December 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM
Sure, of course she's innocent. That explains why she's yet to tell her side of the story to the police, or why they BOTH didn't report their side of the story to the police on the night (or at least the morning after) in question. I guess the $85 they took off of him was hush money to cover up this pervert's crimes too, right? And they were even nice enough to drop him off at a closed Wawa, how kind of them (after beating the $hit out of him first). Seems to me the guy (or victim, however you want to look at it) is guilty of being an idiot. He got his a$$ kicked by a girl, seems to be a regular over there so he's not exactly anonymous and I'm sure he's been thoroughly embarrassed and knocked down a peg-or-three. Stories like this is exactly why you should never flash around money in a bar. I think all parties involved in this story are a bunch of low-life degenerates and people like them are why I don't frequent Panico's too often...
JoAnn Stephens Eroh December 14, 2013 at 12:11 PM
She did tell her story to police whoever you are..... But of course nothing was said in the report about what they told police that night.....They dropped him off and that was it. Got him out of the car and left... how about it took them force to get him out of the car because was so drunk what was his BC level when he arrived at hospital and was he tested for any drug?????what ever happened to him that only he knows why didn't he walk right to the NorthWales Police station if they beat the shit out of him right than....Not show up 2 hours later. They blew it off as just like a learning experience not to offer anyone a ride to anyone especially a middle aged man that has no life but to bar hop... and went home... And you Statement low life degenerates do you know any of them no so keep your comments to yourself.. guess you have nothing better to do to comment on other people situation because you have no life but to leave comments.. Really find a better hobby.....
The Truth December 14, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Well they'll get their day in court. If they're truly innocent then they should have nothing to worry about, the evidence will speak for itself. But I stand by my statement(s). If everybody involved used a little common sense and thought their actions through we wouldn't be having this discussion now would we?


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