Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped Against 'Program' Actor, '87 NP Grad

Andrew Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" revival, was arrested last week, along with his girlfriend, in Santa Monica for allegedly starving 25 Pomeranians in his Santa Monica mobile home


Animal cruelty charges have been dropped against 1987 North Penn graduate Andrew Bryniarski, who makes a living as an actor in California.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ.com, the Santa Monica District Attorney dropped the charges because all 25 Pomeranians found in the actor's mobile home were "healthy and happy."

Bryniarski said he was running a mobile adoption center.

TMZ reports that Bryniarski reunited with the dogs at a shelter Friday morning.

He will continue to operate his rescue from his RV, but not in Santa Monica, according to TMZ.

Bryniarski told TMZ he is considering legal action against Santa Monica, as the case hurt his acting career.

Read more at http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/14/andrew-bryniarski-animal-cruely-charges-dropped-the-program-pomeranians/#ixzz26TIWKAEh


Bryniarski invited TMZ into his RV to show that his mobile home is stocked to care for 25 dogs, according to the celebrity news website.

A video of the inside of the RV can be viewed at TMZ.com at this link.

According to TMZ, the mobile home is stocked with water, food and pet care essentials.

The RV also reportedly does not smell like dog urine, according to the website.

Bryniarski told TMZ that he purchased his RV from a local dog rescue in order to start a mobile dog adoption center.

TMZ said the rescue confirmed the story.


Andrew Bryniarski, 43, a 1987  graduate who plays Leatherface in the "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" revival film series and who is best known as Lattimer from "The Program," was arrested in Santa Monica on September 8 on animal cruelty charges.

According to TMZ.com, Bryniarski allegedly had 25 starving Pomeranians in his Santa Monica mobile home.

Cops were dispatched to his home after receiving reports from a neighbor who heard crying dogs from his home, according to TMZ.

Police arrived at the home and officers could see several metal kennels with about 15 Pomeranians, according to TMZ.

TMZ reports police said the home smelled like dog urine and there was no visible food or water.

Bryniarski arrived at his home shortly thereafter and allegedly admitted to police that he owned the dogs, according to TMZ.

Police told TMZ that about 25 dogs were in the home and several dogs and puppies appeared to be sick.

Animal control was called to remove the dogs, according to the website. Bryniarski and another female, identified as his girlfriend, were arrested, booked and released.

TMZ states that Bryniarski claimed the dogs were rescues and he was attempting to find homes for them.

Bryniarski told TMZ that the police are liars and was quoted on the site as such:

Nobody cares for my dogs better than I do, or finds them better homes. These are lies ... and the only thing that smells like piss or maybe shit is the story from the Santa Monica Police Department.

We bought the RV as a mobile adoption unit about a week ago to find good, forever homes for the majority of the poms, all of which we have raised ourselves or rescued

Bryniarski told TMZ the police are lying because the City of Santa Monica doesn't want RVs in the nice part of town and are trying to drive RV owners out.

You can view photos of the dogs at this link on TMZ.

Bryniarski is also known for playing Chip Schreck in "Batman Returns," Butterfingers in "Hudson Hawk," Zangief in "Street Fighter: The Movie" and Madman Kelly in "Any Given Sunday."


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