Murder Charges Against Troutman Remain

Montgomery County Judge William Carpenter denied a request by defense attorney John I. McMahon Jr. to dismiss murder charges

The defense’s request to dismiss murder charges against James Lee Troutman were denied by Montgomery County Judge William R. Carpenter today.

Carpenter also denied a request that the death penalty be removed from the case, according to The Times Herald.

Troutman had requested to remove county prosecutors from the case, and Carpenter denied that request as well.

Troutman’s trial date is set for May 21.

He is represented by John I. McMahon Jr.

According to the article, McMahon Jr. argued that police and investigators obtained Troutman’s private writings during an Oct. 31 search of Troutman’s jail cell, thereby violating attorney-client privilege. McMahon Jr. said the charges must be dismissed.

According to the article, Deputy District Attorney Thomas McGoldrick argued there was no violation of attorney-client privilege, due to Troutman revealing his writings to another inmate or a psychiatrist.

McGoldrick and District Attorney Risa Ferman searched Troutman’s cell for evidence when investigators learned he was talking about the case with another inmate, according to the article.

Details into the murder investigation and subsequent arrest of Troutman

You can read more about events leading up to Troutman’s county court proceedings and

You can read more about the judge’s decision to dismiss murder charges at this link.


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