Man Gets Third DUI in 12 Months

Upper Dublin Police arrest a Staten Island man after he was seen passed out behind his steering wheel.


Upper Dublin Police arrested James Carmine Merrill, 39, of Mohahan Avenue, Staten Island, N.Y., on Jan. 9 at 1:39 a.m. after he was seen passed out behind the steering wheel of a blue Ford Escape in the Best Western Hotel lot on Commerce Avenue, police said.

According to police, an officer knocked on the windows of the small SUV several times to wake Merrill up; when he woke up, he was lethargic and confused.

Merrill was unable to work the windows of his vehicle, so the police officer opened the passenger side door to speak with him, police said. There was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the passenger compartment.

According to police, Merrill said he was going to, and coming from Newtown, Pa. He had trouble answering simple questions, was unsteady on his feet and his pants were disheveled and his belt was undone — there was also a large wet area near the driver’s side door.

Merrill was arrested and arraigned before he was released because he was from out of state. This is Merrill’s third DUI in 12 months and his blood alcohol content was 0.221 percent, police said.

FrankieB January 16, 2013 at 02:58 AM
cut off his legs and arms, that should slow him down.
Walt Priestley January 16, 2013 at 12:11 PM
He should have been incarcerated after the second incident. The DUI laws are lacking and the Judges are far too lenient.
SCOTT ANTHONY March 20, 2013 at 02:12 AM
AGREED ! .................. ' A DRUNK DRIVER CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER ' !!!!! .. Hats off to Upper Dublin Police AND OTHER P.D.,S for taking "drunk driving seriously "each and almost EVERY year we lose approx. 16,000 Americans from drunk driving , This is an epideminc !! "WTF " The Courts need to stop giving this guys "work release " and ' RIP ' ( restrictive intermeidatte punishment) " sentencing and placing them in "Drug Court " in Montco and BUCKS !! AND EVERYWHERE !!. and giving them 'breaks ' A car can be worse than a loaded weapon killing innocent victims !! including "police officers on the road out doing their jobs or any unsuspecting person/victim. SERIOUSLY OFFICERS , COMMUNITY MEMBERS , JUDGES , COURTS , DISTRICT JUDGES , , DISTRICT ATTORNEY,S OFFICE . AND ALL OTHERS .PLEASE DO YOUR JOB TO FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW !!! IF YOU SEE A SUSPECTED DRUK DRIVER "CALL 911 " REPORT IT , IT COULD BE YOUR CHILD, FRIEND , PARENT , GRANDPARENTS OR ANYONE !! DRIVING HIS OR HER CAR IN THE DIRECTION OF THAT DRUNK DRIVER !! LETS GET THIS RIGHT STARTING NOW AND STOP THE SCOURGE ON OUR PA. HIGHWAYS . NOT TOO MENTION THE THOUSAND OF VICTIMS LEFT WITH PERMANENT DISABILITY TO SUFFER " ... ALCOHOLISM IS A DISEASE AND THE RECIDIVISM RATE IS VERY HIGH . WHY WE GIVING CHANCES FOR THOSE TO KILL OR INJUR INNOCENT PEOPLE ANOTHER CHANCE ISF THEY DIDN,T LEARN BY THE SECOND TIME . THEY SHOULD GO TO "JAIL FOR A YEAR AS THE LEGISLATURE HAS PASSED THE LAWS FOR .


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