PA American Water Warns Customers About Utility Worker Imposters

Following an alleged Bridgeport robbery last week, the utility company is urging their customers to be vigilant about individuals posing as utility workers.

Credit: Pennsylvania American Water
Credit: Pennsylvania American Water

In light of an incident last week where individuals allegedly robbed a Bridgeport resident while posing as water utility employees, Pennsylvania American Water is urging their customers to be aware of imposters.

Two people, alleged to have posed as utility employees, conversed with a resident from Jefferson Street in Bridgeport, indicating that they were checking household pipes and examining a water main break; a robbery followed, according to a media release provided by Pennsylvania American Water on Tuesday.

All Pennsylvania American Water service employees wear uniforms, bear identification badges with the company logo, and drive company vehicles. The company reminds customers that they should take time to look at the employees’ identification badges when seeing them at work or at their homes. To note, their employees do not accept payment at a business or home.

The company urges consumers not to allow an unexpected utility worker into a home if the person does not have proper identification. Local residents can contact them with questions or concerns about service employees representing Pennsylvania American Water by calling customer service at 1-800-565-7292. 



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