Towamencin Man Faces DUI Charges for Allegedly Driving Drunk to Police Station

Albert Fracas, 52, of Ardwick Terrace, allegedly drove drunk to a probation hearing at Towamencin Township Police Department in April

A Towamencin man allegedly drove drunk to his probation hearing at Towamencin Police Department in April and now faces two charges of driving under the influence at Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in November.

Albert Jerome Fracas, 52, of the 100 block of Ardwick Terrace, Towamencin, had charges held over following a preliminary hearing before District Judge Harold Borek on Tuesday, according to Dan Sokil of The Reporter.

Fracas remains incarcerated at Bucks County Correctional Facility.

Fracas appeared at the Towamencin Police headquarters on April 30 for a probation hearing, but a county probation officer informed police a man had checked in for the hearing intoxicated, according to the article.

Towamencin Township Officer Jamie Popovice testified that Fracas told her he had several shots before the hearing and that he was not OK to drive, according to the article.

Police found Fracas in a conference room with a probation officer, and noticed alcohol on his breath, according to the article. Fracas was unable to keep balance during a blood test and blew over the legal limit on a breath test, according to the article.

He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and taken to Lansdale Hospital for a blood test, which resulted in a .297 BAC, according to the article.

Fracas’ attorney Fiorindo Vagnozzi argued there was no proof that Fracas drove the car to the station; a surveillance camera only shows Fracas’ car arriving at the station, according to the article.

Borek told Vagnozzi that there was enough evidence to hold charges for court, according to the article.

Fracas has an arraignment at county court on Nov. 7 at 9:30 a.m.

Read more about the preliminary hearing at this link on The Reporter Online.

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Obama201216 September 23, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Typical. This man will get house arrest or an intensive "accelerated disposition" of his case, because he is white, elderly, and probably has the "means, political connections" to buy is way out of a state prison sentence; based upon his counsel of record, which is a very expensive attorney. Montgomery County's legal system is so racially biased in respect to sentencing, this taxpaying, African-American, aka Black, Lansdale resident, is disgusted, and will not be surprised when the day comes that public lynchings for crack-cocaine sold by young black men will soon come to pass. The Federal government needs to intervene before riots and public outcry commence as a result of this nonsense. This man had the wherewithal to disrespect Risa Ferman and her office personally, and publicly, and will no doubt be considered for "immediate work release' after blatantly violating his probation, with the "alleged" same incident he was criminally charged with from the onset. Oh, wait, Mr. Fracas is innocent until proven guilty, right ? Shame on Montgomery County for not sending this man to State Prison to be treated like the "N-word" that so many taxpayers despise !
SANDY MOORE September 23, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Way to go Dude! Drinking for your hearing obviously didn't help! If your having a bad day and you drink on top of it.... You're day is gonna get worse!! I think it is time to give up on the drinking! Not workin for ya anymore.....


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