Two Lansdale Homes Targets of Nigerian Housing Scam on Craigslist

Lansdale Police urge residents to be aware of a Craigslist scam, in which interested renters are asked to send money to Lagos, Nigeria

A home on the 900 block of Clay Avenue and another home on the 600 block of Vermont Avenue were being used in what Lansdale Police call a Nigerian housing scam.

On Feb. 12, police received information about the two homes being used in the scam, in which a subject identifying themselves as a man named "Pastor Joseph Saldutti" offers to rent the two properties out at an attractive and undervalued cost, police said.

The postings were placed on Craigslist, police said.

In an investigation, which involved an exchange of emails, police discovered the subject identified as Saldutti asked that a deposit be sent to Lagos, Nigeria via Western Union moneygram, police said.

The Lansdale resident who reported the scam to police did not send any money, police said.

Lansdale Police urge residents to be aware of the scam and use due diligence when looking at rental properties.

Police said to make sure interested renters are dealing with either the actual owner of the property or a licensed real estate agent.

People should also be wary of all email and social networking site solicitations, police said. 


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