Upper Dublin Super: Missing Student 'Believed to be All Right'

The Upper Dublin School District released the following statement regarding missing student Destiny Chase-Shim.


UPDATE: MyFoxPhilly.com is reporting that the teenager was "back with her father."

The Upper Dublin School District released the following statement earlier today:

On behalf of the City of Philadelphia Police Department, the Upper Dublin Township Police Department, and the School District of Upper Dublin, we appreciate your concern.


Philadelphia Police are still looking for an Upper Dublin High School Student who went missing on Friday.

According to a Philadelphia Police spokeswoman, Destiny Chase-Shim, 14, of the 2000 block of Kingston Street, Philadelphia was reported missing Jan. 25.

A story on MyFoxPhilly.com reported that Chase-Shim’s father dropped her off at Upper Dublin High School at about 10 a.m. Friday.

Chase-Shim lives in Upper Dublin with her mother. Her father lives in Philadelphia, according to the story.

Calls to Upper Dublin School District were not immediately returned.

Chase-Shim is described as being 5-foot-5, weighing around 120 pounds with brown eyes and sandy brown shoulder length hair.

According to the Fox 29 story, "Her family said she was last seen wearing navy blue sweat pants and blue and white Nike sneakers with a brown waist-length coat. She was seen carrying a pink book bag."

The Philadelphia Police northeast detectives division is handling the case, according to the Philadelphia Police spokeswoman. 

From the Upper Dublin School District:

This morning one of the local news stations ran a story regarding an Upper Dublin High School student, Destiny Chase Shim, who was reported missing in Philadelphia over the weekend. The student has been in contact with friends, and is believed to be all right.

The Upper Dublin Township Police Department and the School District of Upper Dublin are assisting the City of Philadelphia Police Department with the investigation, and anyone knowing the present location of the student is asked to please contact the City of Philadelphia Police at 215-686-3174 ...Thank you for your consideration.

Matt January 30, 2013 at 04:44 AM
Sergei while you are correct about the main issue is her safety - you are making an awful lot of assumptions about all the racist feelings. with all the budget issues in UD on the budget people would have been concerned regardless if the person is white, purple or orange. That said the girl and not the black girl or the white girl should be the focus.
Magalish January 31, 2013 at 02:02 AM
It appears the girl has contacted friends and is safe although they are still attempting to bring her home to her family. Not quite the same as a woman missing who has not been in contact with anyone and is considered still in danger. I dont think anyone is deciding cases based on race in this situation but nice try. I think you can refer to the case of a black girl kidnapped in w philly that is still receiving media attention since there is still an active investigation. Its always the ones who start the racial accusations that should take a look at thier own remarks. I hope this girl is returned home safely. As well as the white woman in new hope.
eReality January 31, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Actually, Sergei, I did not think one was more important than the other and I believe I made that clear when I said that it shouldn't be about who is "more lost" than the other, but instead we should be praying for BOTH of them to come home safe. Thank you for twisting my words though, I appreciate that. The "routine" I mentioned about the other female, that you cited as my claim for a more credible disappearance, was actually just used as contextual clues for the real circumstances I pointed out: One had gone missing without a trace, no activity on a phone or credit cards and had not been in contact with anyone, while the other had gone missing but was in contact with friends and told them she was alright. So, how did the two stories end up? The one that contacted friends and said she was alright came home safely. The one who literally seemed to vanish because of having had no contact with anyone, or evidence of where she may be, ended up dead. I am very glad to hear that the Upper Dublin girl is okay, that's wonderful news; but when you heard that she had in contact with friends and said she was okay, you could sort of breathe a little easier a little sooner than the other case. With the Lambertville woman, the first sign of her was days later when they found her boot and shortly thereafter they found her body. It's sad that they weren't both found to be safe, because it seems like BOTH females have families that care for them and love them.
eReality January 31, 2013 at 06:25 PM
Thank you Magalish, my thoughts exactly. We were hoping for both females to come home safe -- unfortunately, a body believed to be that of the woman missing in New Hope/Lambertville was found last night in the canal. Thankfully, however, this girl has been reported as having returned home to her father's house.
andthatsthetruth February 01, 2013 at 01:15 AM
By now if she wasn't there, it would have been publicized. All involved want this to go away including the child.


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