Convicted Burglar, Hatfield Woman Nabbed for Alleged Daytime Burglaries

Joshua Siringhaus, of Upper Gwynedd, and Kristin Leidy, of Hatfield Borough, were the two culprits in numerous daytime burglaries in several Montgomery and Bucks County municipalities, police said

An Upper Gwynedd man, who was convicted of and had spent time in prison for numerous burglaries in 2003 in Franconia and Lower Salford townships, has been nabbed again for alleged numerous daytime burglaries by Hatfield Township Police, along with his alleged female accomplice from Hatfield Borough.

The female accomplice was convicted in 2007 on felony receiving stolen property charges in Hatfield Township and spent time in prison on the charges.

Both have been charged in connection with numerous daytime burglaries since March in several Montgomery and Bucks County municipalities, according to police.

Joshua Ryan Siringhaus, 31, of the 1600 block of Supplee Road, Upper Gwynedd, and Kristin Anne Leidy, of the 500 block of South Main Street, Hatfield Borough, have each been charged with the following:

  • 11 felony counts of burglary
  • 11 felony counts of conspiracy to commit burglary
  • 11 felony counts of theft by unlawful taking
  • 11 felony counts of conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking
  • 11 felony counts of receiving stolen property
  • 11 felony counts of conspiracy of receiving stolen property
  • 12 felony counts of criminal trespass
  • 12 felony counts of conspiracy to commit criminal trespass
  • 7 misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief
  • 7 misdemanor counts of conspiracy to commit criminal mischief
  • 1 misdemeanor count of criminal attempted burglary
  • 1 misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia
  • 1 misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess drug paraphernalia

Both suspects were arraigned before District Judge Andrea Duffy on Tuesday, May 22 at 10:15 a.m. A preliminary hearing is set for May 31 at 10:15 a.m. before Duffy.

Bail was set at $ 500,000 cash for both Siringhaus and Leidy.  Both remain at Montgomery County Prison after failing to post bail.

This is not the first time that Siringhaus has faced felony burglary charges in Montgomery County alone.

Leidy has also faced felony receiving stolen property charges at the county level in 2007 and spent a little over a year in prison, according to county records.

According to county records, in September 2003, he was charged with 31 counts by Franconia Township Police. These counts included four felony burglary charges and four felony criminal tresspass charges, according to county records.

He was also charged with felony burglary and additional charges in September 2003 by Lower Salford Township Police, according to court records.

All of those charges were waived to court before District Judge Deatelhauser in October 2003, who also reduced bail from $100,000 to $45,000.

In April 2004, Siringhaus pleaded guilty to two of the burglary charges and was sentenced to two to four years in prison on each charge

Police said Hatfield Township and several surrounding municipalities started experiencing daytime residential burglaries beginning in March 2012.

The burglars targeted jewelry and cash, police said. The burglaries occurred in the daytime hours throughout the week when most of the homes were unoccupied, police said.

A burglary task force was formed with officers from Franconia Township Police, Hatfield Township Police, Lower Salford Township Police, Pennridge Regional Police and Pennsylvania State Police at Skippack, police said.

Siringhaus and Leidy were nabbed using evidence recovered from several of the burglary scenes, police said. 

On April 17, Hatfield Township Police obtained an arrest warrant for Siringhaus and charged him with burglary and related offenses, police said.

On April 17, Cheltenham Township Police located Siringhaus and Leidy in their jurisdiction, police said. Siringhaus was arrested on the Hatfield Township Police warrant and Leidy was arrested on an unrelated warrant, police said.

Hatfield Township and Lower Salford Township Police detectives interviewed Siringhaus and he admitted he was responsible for numerous burglaries throughout Hatfield Township, Franconia Township, Lower Salford Township and Salford Township, police said.

Detectives determined Siringhaus and Leidy acted together to commit daytime residential burglaries in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, police said.

In many of the cases, Leidy knocked at the front door to determine if anyone was home before Siringhaus broke into the residence, police said.

According to county records, Siringhaus has faced a judge on criminal incidents nine times between September 2008 and May 2000.

In September 2008, Siringhaus was arrested on six charges, including DUI. All six charges were dismissed by District Judge Ken Deatelhauser in Souderton in March 2009.

In October 2001, Siringhaus was arrested for retail theft and receiving stolen property in Towamencin Township. He pleaded guilty in county court to receiving stolen property and was sentenced to four months to one year in prison, according to county records.

If someone answered the door, they claimed to be looking for their lost dog or used another excuse to explain why they had knocked at the residence, police said. 

Anastasia Beaverhausen May 24, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Jeffrey Hancock June 22, 2012 at 03:54 PM
All together that makes 107 charges, 90 of them being FELONY counts. They will be given public defenders of course..... then the judge(s) will have to drop most of the charges because of the amount of time that comes with each charge, added together like the charges themselves, will be deemed as excessive and too harsh..... then they will serve maybe, 3 years at most...... then they will be given probation and let loose into society again to take from those who work hard for their possessions..... It's a vicious cycle constantly being fed and nursed by the justice system. Maybe we should bring back corporal punishment and more! But....... from another perspective, it serves as job security for law enforcement and the legal system. Kudos to the officers and detectives for using moral judgement and putting an end to this. But if all goes as planned, you all will be seeing these thieves sooner than you think.


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