311 Task Force Chair Says Long Road Coming to End

Councilman Mike Sobel, who heads the 311 W. Main Task Force, read a statement prior to Thursday's meeting on the state of the committee and its culmination

The following is a statement read by Lansdale Borough Councilman Mike Sobel at the start of Thursday's 311 W. Main Task Force meeting:

To All Task Force Members:

First of all, let me thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, enthusiasm, suggestions and expertise during this venture we have all undertaken. 

You were chosen to be here for a reason. None of you have disappointed myself or this community in your efforts and time volunteering. 

Many of these meetings have been long and arduous. We've had to endure shots and snipes taken at us from the press and social media. We've listened to a multitude of ideas from the gallery and from each other. We've heard from experts trying to guide us. We sat through numerous informative presentations. All have given our task a great deal of thought and time.

Well, folks, the long road we are traveling is coming to an end. Tonight, I ask each of you to come up with final thoughts about what we have been taske to accomplish. 

What do we do about the building at 311 W. Main St.? We now need to discuss good points and bad point on the subject. We need to sift through this wealth of information presented to us by AMS and Spiezle to make some sense of it.

Our community and borough council are awaiting a decision from this task force as to what step the borough takes next. 

It's now fourth and goal at the one, with the game on the line.

We need to make a decision about what play will win the game for the borough and community.


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