Castor-Brown: Use Valley Forge Casino Funds for Route 422

Would require approval in state legislature

The Brown-Castor campaign for Montgomery County Commissioner has its eyes on the coming Valley Forge Casino Resort. Specifically, on the revenue it's expected to generate. Right now, that money is slated to go to the state, not Montgomery County.

"If we have to deal with the hassle of having a casino, it is just not right that we don't get with any of the revenue," Castor said earlier this week, according to a PhillyBurbs.com report.

The campaign on Friday called on the state legislature to pass a law that would let the county collect a "host fee" that it says could be used to help fund improvements on U.S. Route 422. The casino will be situated alongside the highway, which runs roughly parallel to the Schuylkill River through central and western Montgomery County and is widely regarded as over capacity.

The question of where to obtain the money to improve Route 422 has led to numerous proposals, the most well known of which would convert the highway into a toll road. Castor and Brown oppose that idea, which has met with hostility from most residents and politicians.

The campaign said other counties collect "host fees" from similar establishments.

"As it stands now, host fee revenue from the new Valley Forge Casino Resort would—unlike in other counties—be funneled through the state and could only be used to fund specified programs. Those programs do not include road improvements," the campaign said in a statement sent to the media late Friday afternoon.

The campaign for Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards, Castor and Brown's opponents for the two commissioners' seats, called the proposal "laughable."

"Josh Shapiro fought against and voted against the bill that took the casino proceeds away from the taxpayers of Montgomery County. Where were Mr. Castor and Ms. Brown when that battle was taking place? Commissioner Castor just seemed to become aware of this in the past week," said campaign spokesperson Frank Custer, Jr. in an e-mail to Patch on Saturday.

Custer said improvements to Route 422 would cost more than $750 million.

"The casino proceeds would not fill the potholes on 422, let alone make a dent in the cost of the project," Custer said.

The casino is expected to open next spring.

Dave Urner September 18, 2011 at 02:24 PM
The idea that Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown have suggested is anything but "laughable". In my opinion, using revenue from V.F. Casino Resort is very plausible. It goes down as the greatest idea since sliced bread. The idea is in keeping with money spent in this area stays in the area. I don't happen to frequent casinos. Those who do more than likely are looking for the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow". In this case "The Pot Of Gold" at the end of this "rainbow suggestion" is needed revenue being sought to improve road and bridge conditions in the King of Prussia and surrounding areas......... not Harrisburg or Pittsburgh or Erie or Scranton or Philadelphia. I urge our Governor, Sen. Rafferty and Rep. Quigley and surrounding State leaders to embrace the suggestion and explore the possibilities of such a venture. Dave Urner, Mayor Borough of Royersford.
Ruthiness September 18, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Excellent idea from Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown! The DVRPC idea for improving Rt 422 is ridiculous - they want to create something like an HOV lane - do away with the "open space" in the middle of the road and create a toll lane for rich people only. The rest of the slobs who cannot afford the exorbitant tolls will STILL be stuck in traffic in the outer lanes. That's not a solution! If you want to see where this is coming from - check out http://satollparty.com/ - This proposal is part of Agenda 21 - punishing drivers of cars to fund the wet dream of high speed rail by making the drivers pay for it. Very few drivers will ever use a new metro rail system and we will be saddled with yet another SEPTA that can't stand on its own and will need to be continually bailed out. The entire concept of using toll generated funds for a rail system is corrupt to its core. Is there perhaps a Democratic donor who will be building this rail system? Hmmm?
Ruthiness September 18, 2011 at 04:39 PM
The DVRPC and the Democrats don't want to necessarily improve roads and bridges with local and state money - they want to build their new rail system to parallel 422 to coincide with the ridiculous mandate from globalists to push us all into public transportation. It's happening slowly so it's hard to notice - but the people using this playbook from the UN are punishing drivers to make it too expensive to drive so that they think everyone will resort to depending on public transportation. This scam needs to be exposed!
Victor B. Krievins September 19, 2011 at 01:48 PM
The only thing laughable is the support of Joshua Shapiro for Tolls on rte 422. If that would ever happen, we will be faced with a huge toll increase like the one New York City just received. Not the way to Go Joshua. The Castor/Brown Ticket is the winning solution to fix rte 422!


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