Chopping Blocks of Trees

The borough's shady street trees come down, ushering in a new light on a faded Main Street

If you've been out on Main Street in the past two days, you would have surely noticed an abundance of sunshine and a lack of shade.

Welcome to the beginning of the overhaul of downtown Lansdale.

The tree removal is another major step for the borough's streetscape project, which aims to beautify, as well as update, Lansdale's rather outdated Main Street infrastructure.

Previously, work could be seen on Broad Street as well as the Madison Parking Lot, but now the efforts of the borough are abundantly clear, with Main Street looking somewhat barren as they prepare to install new trees and sidewalks.

"The work that has begun in the Madison Parking Lot will soon be visible along Main Street, as the streetscape project is now in full swing," said Matt West, president of borough council.  "One of the most visible changes to be seen will be the removal of the trees currently lining Main Street."

Though a few residents have complained that the already-existing trees were just fine, West envisions a diverse, modernized group of saplings lining the busy thoroughfare through the borough.

"Instead of having one species of tree, as is currently the case, the trees will be replaced with a variety of species that are better suited for the harsh street-side environment," said West.  "Not only will a variety of tree species add texture to the landscape, it will also work to safeguard them against any potential blight that might hit over time."

The loss of the current trees was unavoidable, as the removal and replacement of the Main Street sidewalks would have all but assured they would have had to been removed anyway.

The streetscape project hitting full steam is another positive step for Lansdale, which will join the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia in July, and hopes to successfully brand itself by the end of summer.

By late September, Main Street will have an entirely different face.  New lighting, new benches, and new trees will all be a result of the streetscape project. 

Banners of borough pride and navigational signage will be present, thanks to the branding initiative, and Lansdale plans on seeing an influx of out-of-town tourists, thanks to the Classic Towns campaign.

Out with the old and in with the new downtown.

ROB BAILEY May 28, 2011 at 03:10 PM
Looks like a ghetto - So we chop trees down too put back trees - Way to go lansdale
Michele May 30, 2011 at 01:00 PM
Totally agree with Rob!! I'm not seeing the logic of cutting down BEAUTIFUL trees down to then "beautify the street scape." I think president of borough council has this ASS BACKWARDS. Waste of Money, resources, time and energy!!
Julie May 30, 2011 at 06:19 PM
An influx of out of town tourists? I think lansdale will actually need to have some attractions apart from a variety of trees.
BJ Rau-Putnam May 31, 2011 at 11:55 AM
I hated to see the trees go, they were one of the things I really enjoyed about downtown. However, we really do need new sidewalks. If we were going to lose the trees in order to replace the sidewalks, at least they're going to be replaced with some hardy species. I'm looking forward to smooth, nice looking sidewalks to walk to work on and beautiful trees to shade my way.


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