Discourse Continues on PCTI Right-of-Ways

The public works committee reported discussions on residential and commercial temporary takings for the Wood-Vine Connector Project are continuing in Lansdale

The commercial and residential properties affected by , scheduled for construction in Spring 2013, are minor, but the borough wants to be sure everyone is on track with what to expect with the project.

"We are still meeting with various property owners to show them how (the project) is going to affect their individual properties," said utilities director Jake Ziegler at Wednesday's public works committee meeting.

He said property owners must sign documentation to sign off on the temporary right-of-ways.

It was reported last week by Earl Armitage of borough traffic engineer Pennoni Associates that right-of-way disturbances would be temporary during the project. 

"The impacts (are) primarily on borough properties," Armitage said.

He said last week there are minor impacts on private properties for ADA regulations for curbs and ramps, which are a matter of inches or feet.

Ziegler said talks have been good with the few residential property owners.

"Everything is going as you would expect how it would go with the commercial properties," Ziegler said. "They have to take (documents) back to the powers that be, like the post office."

Ziegler said no one has had any angst over the project.

"It's proceeding as well as it can be," he said.

Committee member Jack Hansen clarified that the project mostly disrupts borough properties, like the library, fire company and parking lot at Susquehanna and Derstine avenues.

"I want to make it clear that very little properties are going to be taken," Hansen said. "A major part of properties are borough-owned properties."

Ziegler said residential takes are "very insignficant takes, if at all."

"Our concern is them granting us temporary easements, like when they set forms for the rear of sidewalks," Ziegler said. "The easements are related largely to ADA ramps."

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