Do You Know the Snow Removal Laws in Lansdale?

Property owners in Lansdale can get a fine of between $25 and $300 for violating the snow removal and snow emergency laws in the borough.

Get the shovels ready and the bags of ice melt to be scooped--snow is falling in Lansdale and then it's time to clear the way.
Do you know the rules in Lansdale as they pertain to snow, sleet and ice?

Snow Removal

According to the borough code book, owners, tenants or occupiers of Lansdale Borough properties must clear sidewalks in front of their respective properties in the event of snow within 24 hours after the precipitation has ended.
The path cleared must be 30 inches wide. Pathways must either be thoroughly clear of snow and ice, or be covered with salt.
Per borough law, snow can not be thrown from sidewalks into the street; snow must be thrown or shoveled in the sidewalk lane, yard or in the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb.
Property owners or tenants who do not clear snow within 24 hours of an event can be fined between $25 and $300 for each offense. If the person fined refuses to pay, then he or she can be imprisoned for up to 30 days at Montgomery County Correctional Facility, per borough code.

Snow Emergencies

Lansdale Borough can call a snow emergency after two inches or more of snow has fallen, or when snow removal equipment is on the roadways.
Here's an odd borough-wide enforcement: No vehicle is allowed to be parked on the odd-numbered side of any street in Lansdale during a snow emergency. 
Lansdale law states drivers must move his or her car when temporary snow emergency signs go up on Green Street between Main and Vine streets, Montgomery Avenue between Vine Street and Century Plaza parking lot and on Pierce Street and Seventh Street between Ridge and Line streets. 
Check out the streets that have posted snow emergency routes here.

Snow Tires

While not strictly enforced, did you know that no vehicle can be driven upon any street or road located within the Borough of Lansdale without snow tires or chains?

Snow Vehicles

Put away that snowmobile--according to borough code, "no snow equipment or vehicles which do not have rubber tires" can be driven on the streets in Lansdale.


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