Ex-The Reporter Photographer Hired as Lansdale Website Photographer

Chris Stanley, former staff photographer and online editor at the Lansdale newspaper, will be available to the borough this weekend at its Christmas festivities.

Lansdale Borough has now hired a photographer for 12 months to capture photos that will be used on the upcoming new borough website.
Former The Reporter Newspaper photographer and online editor Chris Stanley, a borough resident, was selected by the Communication Commission for the job, as reported by Chairman Denton Burnell at this week's council session.
"For those that don't know Chris, he has been a resident since 1989. He has 27 years experience as a freelance photographer in the region, eight years as a staff photographer for The Reporter and an additional four years as the online editor," Burnell said. "His freelance work includes sports and editorial photography, with additional experience in videography, digital media and multimedia production." 
Burnell said borough staff has spoken with Stanley, who is "very excited to get started."
"He is honored to be selected," Burnell said. "We are working through contractual details, but he will be available to us starting this weekend for the festivities we have. He will be out there taking photos, assuming we have a tree lighting, whatever day it happens." 
Stanley, according to his LinkedIn profile, is an implementation specialist for editorial at Digital First Media, which owns The Reporter through its 21st Century Media subsidy. Stanley also freelances through Stanleypix.
Burnell said that, even with the hiring of Stanley, the borough is well within an under the original budget established for the website redesign.
Stanley will be tasked, among other things, to capture moments in all of Lansdale's three wards in all four seasons. He would need to capture 12 portrait, event and scenery shots per month, per the RFP.
Per the RFP--available in PDF format at this link--Stanley will be responsible, on top of gathering seasonal images, for same-day access to Lansdale of high-resolution images and a weekly check-in with the project manager.
Lansdale is looking for Stanley to capture a "visual sense of 'Life in Motion,' referring to its brand narrative. Stanley must capture notable sites and locations in Lansdale, with the main focus being mid-to-close shots of people.
All photos would become property of Lansdale Borough.
CivicPlus signed a contract with Lansdale in August to complete the website revamp at www.lansdale.org for $38,422.
"A lot of work is going on behind-the-scenes," Burnell said of the website redesign. "CivicPlus is in the process of migrating all the content to that new site framework that they are working on. They are continuing development of that new site."
He said the new website is set to go live at the end of January 2014.
"All things are going well," he said.
Jacquie Donaghy December 06, 2013 at 06:50 PM
Way to go Chris! Chris is a GREAT guy! When our house burnt down in 2007 he was with us three days in a row. He was kind and considerate and helped where he could. I have never forgotten his kindness and wish him all the luck in the world!


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