Gifts, Honors for Councilwoman 'Lady Anne' (video)

Lansdale Councilwoman Anne Henning Scheuring was bestowed gifts by borough staff for her four years of service to the borough

All hail, Mrs. Lansdale, Lady Anne.

Borough staff honored councilwoman Anne Henning Scheuring at the end of Wednesday night’s council work session for her four years of service to Lansdale.

Led by borough Manager Timi Kirchner, staff, including parks and recreation director Carl Saldutti, library director Tom Meyer, parks and recreation administrative secretary Joanne Grubb and Lansdale Police Chief Robert McDyre, sent Anne off to her future endeavors with gifts representative of her efforts and history in Lansdale.

These gifts included a “Mrs. Lansdale” sash, a tiara emblazoned with “Lady Anne” (for her classy demeanor) and scepter, and a bottle of Roundup weed killer, which related to the calls she made of weeds in the parks, from Kirchner.

Saldutti adorned Scheuring with, among other things, rain boots for all the puddles she would inform him of during her walks in ; lifetime front row passes to White’s Road Park Performing Arts Series events; her Lansdale Municipal Pool membership card from 1957; a replica of a Santa House and a towel embroidered with “Lady Anne,” courtesy of Tracy Flynn.

Meyer gave Scheuring a Barbie doll, representative of the Barbie cakes she would make for the Green and Clean Extravaganza bake sale – “I had to cut her legs off; she didn’t fit in the cake,” said Scheuring to a roar of laughter from the audience – a bottle of “Borough Blush” wine, as a reminder of Scheuring’s push for a wine tasting event; and bathroom spray, due to Scheuring’s issue with a “distinct problem a dominoes on Tuesdays.”

McDyre gave Scheuring her own abandoned vehicle stickers, a police notebook, badge and patch.

“I know Anne loves her walks. You come back and call me all the time. So, what we’re going to do is cut out the middle man,” joked McDyre.

Kirchner also gave Scheuring her own mini honorary shovel, since she was part of the Lansdale Streetscape groundbreaking. The Lansdale Historical Society also gave Scheuring a notebook – “The Official Anne Scheuring Lansdale History Trivia Test.”

“Before stepping down from your borough council seat,” read Kirchner from the note printed on the cover, “you must successfully – I like this – answer 70 of the 75 questions. As much as we are going to enjoy our new council members coming in, we are going to make it a challenge for you to step down,” Kirchner said. “No peeking allowed.”

Mayor Andy Szekely then awarded Scheuring a Community Service Award, complete with six Hotel Tremont stirrers.

“You are hereby presented with six cocktail stirrers, each one presented at the Tremont Hotel, will entitle you and your husband to anything on the menu or at the bar, without exception or restriction, for your selfless service to the residents and the Borough of Lansdale,” Szekely said.

Kirchner hoped Scheuring would cherish and use all her gifts.

“We hope you remember us always. Come visit us often and we will keep trying to draw you back in for all kinds of things here,” Kirchner said. “We love you, Anne. We enjoyed every moment of working with you and thank you.”

Scheuring said the staff and all departments were fantastic.

“Anytime we called out for something, they’ve been right there. The chief, I’d email him at night and the next morning, he’d take care of it. And just everybody’s been fantastic for the four years I’ve been on,” she said. “Thank you to everyone. It’s been a pleasure.”

Prior to her honors, council members thanked Scheuring for her service during their committee reports.

“I’d just like to say, this is the last work session where I’m going to have the pleasure of sitting next to Mrs. Scheuring,” said councilman Jack Hansen. “It’s been a wonderful four years.”

Councilman Rich DiGregorio told Scheuring she was “a really big help to us.”

Councilman Mike Sobel said it was a treat to work with Scheuring on two committees.

Szekely told Anne they have one more meeting to go.

“We still have one more meeting to harass you,” he said.

Councilwoman Mary Fuller acknowledged Scheuring’s accomplishments during her time on council.

Notable programs that happened under her tenure included the Wissahickon Park Project, a $760,000 project; the start of the Santa House; and the dedication of Stony Creek Park, with the now non-removable fish.

“I know we’ll miss her. Carl thanked her for all of her dedication for park usage and everything she’s done,” said Fuller. “We sincerely thank Anne for her service.”

Scheuring said she was going to miss the staff and all the committees.

“I love parks and rec, I love the library, but I’m not really leaving. I’ll still be here to help,” she said.

Her proudest accomplishments include Stony Creek Park, getting the movies back and getting the Santa Claus House that she wanted for so long.

“It’s sort of a Norman Rockwell feel,” she said. “There’s still a lot do.”


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