Lancaster Officials Offer Lansdale a Helping Brand

Lansdale's Economic Development Committee played host to a couple officials from Lancaster, in an effort to learn about the branding process.

While the Lansdale streetscape project has begun on Broad Street and Madison parking lot, the borough now has its eyes set on their branding initiative.

The borough took another step forward Monday night, as the Economic Development Committee viewed multiple presentations by officials from Lancaster, who recently underwent a branding process of their own.

"This way, we won't have to reinvent the wheel," said councilwoman Mary Fuller, chairwoman of the Economic Development Committee.

First up was a presentation by Jennifer Baker, executive director of the Mayor's Office of Special Events, otherwise known as MOOSE.

As Baker flipped through the slides of her presentation, she explained her city's goals in creating a brand.

"We want those who live in the city to feel good about where they live, and we want those who come visit us to have a really great time and enjoy all there is to do downtown," said Baker.

Lancaster decided to host seven large events per year, not including the First Friday events held every month.  The events varied in purpose and demographic, ranging from city pride and car shows, to music conferences and multicultural festivals.

"We see events as a way to build city pride, and increase social capital for the city," said Baker.

After she had finished, Marshall Snively, who is the vice president of the James Street Improvement District, added to the prior presentation, explaining some of the trials and tribulations his organization went through during their branding process.

He elaborated on the current state of their city's development.

"We just finished our 'wayfinding' system last year, and we're now in phase three of a major streetscape program downtown,"  said Snively.

Snively also added that Lancaster utilizes a group of 12 bike riders, who travel around town with maps and information.  Serving as "ambassadors to the city," the riders all don red shirts and serve the community in addition to people who are simply visiting.

Going forward, the Economic Development Committee is teaming up with the Lansdale Communication Committee in a joint effort to brand the borough.  Fuller said that the Lansdale Business Association would also have a role in the branding process.

There will be a joint committee meeting between the EDC and the LCC on Tuesday, May 10 at 7 p.m. to address how they should approach going forward with the initiative.


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